Live Free

The term “live free” doesn’t mean what it used to. It used to be a patriotic statement, in fact it’s the state motto for New Hampshire. Rebels, hippies and is now the life statement of every libertarian under the sun, and those who have stopped paying the mortgage.

Libertarians include: 

individualist anarchists, (Lysander Spooner),

anarcho-capitalists (Murray Rothbard, John Locke),

constitutionalists (Chuck Baldwin),

fiscal libertarians (Kristin Davis), 

objectivists (Ayn Rand), 

lilbertarian economists (Milton Friedman), 

left-libertarians (Noam Chomsky),

anarcho surrealists (Andre Breton); these practice libertarianism which holds that one is a sovereign individual.

Although I am not a libertarian, I have been set free, as I am a Christian. Being one of Him, I am not a sovereign indivudual as only God is Sovereign; being so, has advantages, He has set me free from the law of sin and death. Christians are not anarchists, they perceive there are two  laws: the law of Christ, or the law of sin and death.

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