Ezekiel 38: Togarmah

Looking at the map …..  L.A. Murzulli relates These are the countries that come together to form a loose confederacy to war with Israel i.e. the Ezekiel 38 prophecy. Magog is Russia, Persia is Iran and Mechech, Tubal and Togarmah is what is now Turkey. While we can argue as to what modern nation corresponds with the ancient text, I feel we can agree that Turkey, Russia and Persia seem to be lining up with the prophecy that was written 2600 years ago.

Turkey has long sought admission into the European Union. It has looked to the west since its defeat in WWI, but has been denied “entry,” most likely due to its Moslem population. Turkey was one of Israel’s allies in the region, until the flotilla blockade incident last week. It would appear that all of that has changed, as Turkey seems to be leaning toward Iran and the rest of the Moslem world.

The question that those of us who follow and study Bible prophecy, ask, is this. Are we looking at the stage being set for the Ezekiel 38 war? I want to make a point here. While I believe that the nations that are mentioned in this prophecy seem to be lining up, we don’t know if this will actually lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy. In other words, while the situation remains tenuous in the region, it may settle down as cooler heads will prevail, thus postponing the fulfillment of the prophecy. At least we can hope this will be the case.

We also know that the King of Jordan, King Abdullah, stated a year ago that unless a two state solution between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s was reached within the year, there would be a regional war. It is now a year later and no solution has been reached. Does this figure into the Psalm 83 scenario?

Iran is sending two warships to escort the next wave of “peace flotilla” to Gaza. Iran’s president has said that the Iranian ships will, “teach Israel a lesson.” Sometime within the next few days we will see what transpires, as the ships will reach the blockade.

I want to make it very clear that in no way am I saying that the Ezekiel war is going to happen this summer. I am not a date setter, but I do watch the political machinations in the Middle East on a daily basis. Until a few weeks ago, Turkey was not part of the Ezekiel scenario, now it appears that she has fallen into line with what the prophecy tells us will happen in the later days. As I stated previously, this is alarming.

In closing today’s post. I have learned to hold on to all of “this” lightly. In other words, we don’t know all the details, the how and when, all of this will happen. On the other hand we know that God’s prophetic word is true. Only He knows the end from the beginning. We are also instructed by Jesus, to watch (Luke 31:36). It is with that admonition in mind that I continue at my post.

As Frank commented on the article “we indeed are seeing through a glass darkly. best to be prepared for any event”

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