The Conflagration Of The Coming War Between Israel And Iran, Syria, Lebanon And Turkey Will Be Intense Beyond All Past Wars

The scope and intensity of the coming war between Israel and its arab neighbors will be beyond that of World War II,  the  Clinton Yugoslavia-Kosovo War, and the Bush Iraq War.

This coming war requires that Zionism be established as sovereign over Orthodox Judaism.

Israel’s leaders are taking action to quiet dissidents of all types in Israel, as this coming war cannot have any internal opposition.  There can be no chance of any religious opposition to the war; pre-emptive action is being taken to assure that Zion’s leaders have a stable internal state as the coming war will require “an all out drive” beyond that of prior wars waged anywhere on planet earth.

JTA in article Thousands Of Haredim Protest In Jerusalem reports of current social actions being taken to establish Zionism as sovereign in Israel:  Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews gathered in Jerusalem to protest a Supreme Court order to integrate Ashkenazi and Sephardi girls in a West Bank school, after which dozens of haredi parents entered prison. Thousands more rallied Thursday in Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, which is composed mostly of haredim. The rally in Jerusalem escorted to jail some of the 43 sets of haredi Ashkenazi parents from Emanuel who did not inform the court in writing by Wednesday that they would abide by the desegregation order. The parents began entering a prison in Jerusalem late Thursday afternoon to serve two-week sentences. Four fathers and 22 mothers did not show up at the jail by Thursday night; As police worked to locate them, the court decided to delay the imprisonment of the women and meet Friday to respond to an appeal by the women’s attorneys.

One might ask what war? It is the war that is coming to stop Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Israel and/or the US is going to take a pre-emptive military strike against Iran, and the spark for the war might be tensions with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Reformed Christianity, of which I am an adherent is not particularly, supportive of Zionism; yet it has a doctrine of bible prophecy which foretells of a world war between Israel, Iran, Syria, Turkey and other arab nations that draws in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, as well as Turkey. One can read of this in Is The Ezekiel 38 War Coming Soon?  And bible prophecy of Daniel 9:27 foretells that the world’s Sovereign will one day, after this terrific war,  establish a peace covenant between Israel and Arab nations.  Yet the Sovereign will not fully honor that covenant as he will break it after 36 months. “He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”; here each day represents one year. This important phrase indicates that the event that starts the 70th week, the seven-year tribulation, is the signing of a seven-year covenant between the Sovereign and Israel. The signing of the covenant begins the period called the Tribulation. At the halfway point of the Tribulation, which is three and a half years, the Sovereign will break this covenant with Israel with an event called “The Abomination of Desolation.” It is at this time that God provides a physical place of safety, that is a refuge, for a select group of saints.This also signals there is only three and a half more years remaining before Christ returns to earth to set up His Earthly Kingdom, which will last for a 1,000 years.

It is a given that the covenant between the Sovereign and Israel will permit the Jews to rebuild their temple, where they will once again practice their sacrifices.

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