Are You Looking For A Home In Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA

Insidefre relates that Noe has been holding up well, unsurprisingly, as it’s still the neighborhood of choice for young families, Silicon Valley commuters and downtown workers due to its proximity to freeways, public transportation and increasingly new restaurants. The fact that Noe has more sun and warmer temperatures than other parts of the city only serves to increase appeal. The streets are clean, architecture generally more appealing, and there’s a real sense of community there.

A total of 25 single-family homes has sold since April 1st, and quite a few for over their asking prices. The median sales price is $1,150,000. There are 19 active house listings, with 22 in contract (11 are awaiting contingency removals, and 11 are pending). Recent high drama in this segment of the Noe market occurred at 4015 26th Street at Sanchez, an unrenovated 4BR/1.5BA home listed at $1,449,000, but which sold for $1,710,000. (I know.)

Noe covers zip codes 94131 and 94114.

Refin reports the home 4 bedroom and 2 bath home 1356 Dolores St  San Francisco, CA 94110 is available for 1.6 Million.

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