Eurozone Bailouts Are Sinking Money Into A Barrel Without A Bottom, German Economist Says

EUobserver reports that  German Economics Professor Wilhelm Hankel has written to German Chancellor Angela Merkel arguing that the Greek bailout “is a case of breaking the law in the most severe way.” He says of the wider €750bn eurozone bailout package, “Germany and the few other still economically stable countries in the Eurozone are sinking money into a barrel without a bottom.” Professor Hankel, with four other professors, is co-sponsoring a legal challenge to the Greek bailout at the German Constitutional Court. Hankel’s letter (German) Hankel’s letter (English)


When the people of Europe adopted the Euro as a common currency, and approved the Lisbon Treaty, they accepted Global Governance, and forsook national sovereignty and citizenship for a perceived greater good. Germany at that time, ceased to be a sovereign nation state, and from that time has been in economic and political union with other nations.

In April and May of 2010, crisis arose over both the value of the Euro and the financial stability of European financial institutions, and as a result governance changed. Jolted by a continuing slide in the Euro, FXE, soaring sovereign debt bond yields, and soaring credit default swaps, the EU Finance and State Leaders convened the Eurozone May 2010 Summit and announced European Economic Governance, seigniorage aid for Greece, and called for a Monetary Union with seigniorage authority to issue eurobonds, and in so doing they effected a bloodless coup where they waived national sovereignty. Sovereign nations are a principle of a bygone era. One is no longer a citizen of a nation-state; rather one is a resident in a region of global governance. 

Global Governance would come of no surprise to the Apostle John, who on the island of Patmos about 90 AD, had a dream, that is a vision, of globalization as a process of “things which must shortly take place” (Revelation 1:1)

He relates that a Beast System will rise to rule mankind, that is a world-wide system of global governance (Revelation 13:1-4), consisting of ten regions as called for by the Club of Rome in 1974, rising from the sea of humanity will govern mankind. One of these regions is the Eurozone, another is the North American Continent, and another is the ASEAN trading group.

Furthermore he relates that a global governor, a Sovereign, rising to rule mankind, (Revelation 13:5-10)  He will be complemented by the Seignior, (Revelation 13:11-18), who is also a Spiritual Leader with a unifying Global Vision, who directs the 666 credit system,  (Revelation 13:17-18) where one will be given the charagma, or mark, necessary to conduct commercial activity.

João Vale de Almeida is a forerunner for the Sovereign.  Open Europe in daily email briefing entitled EU Ambassador To US: I’m “Leading The Show” Among European Representatives In Washington relates: “The Telegraph reports on the comments by the newly appointed EU ambassador to the US, Joao Vale de Almeida, reported in Open Europe’s press summary yesterday, in which he claimed to now be “leading the show” among European representatives in Washington. On his Telegraph blog: Gardiner , Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation argues that the comment reveals “in stark terms exactly what the Treaty of Lisbon is all about in the minds of the unelected Brussels elites – a golden opportunity to dramatically expand the supranational powers of the EU over the affairs of independent European nation states, including that of Great Britain.”


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