Tyler Durden Writes Of The Trade Off Between Volatility And Investment Reward

Tyler Durden in article in A Hundred Years Of Fed Solitude, Or An Artificial Lack Of Volatility In A Time Of Fiat Cholera.  The observations by John Lohman are a must read for all mean reversion junkies. By tracking the correlation between credit expansion and assorted metrics of volatility, Lohman concludes that the one primary tradeoff given up by the investor class (voluntarily) and the broader population (unknowingly) in exchange for a 98% decline in the value of the dollar, and thus purchasing power, since the inception of the Jekyll Island monster, is a constant and gradual decline in volatility. What this means, however, is that by entering the period of greatest systemic deleveraging, America is once again inviting volatility. What is more troubling is that unlike before, the ongoing dollar value destruction is not matched with a favorable attribute, namely an offset vol reduction. In other words, society and the investing class has gotten to the point where the marginal utility from having a Federal Reserve bank, has essentially disappeared. Which is simply all the more reason to disband the most destructive central-planning organization in the history of the communist world.


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