We Live In The Age Of Global Government

I … An Observing Mind notes that we live in the age of global and federal governance. The Sovereigns, that is the Congresspeople, passed the Dodd Frank legislation that created the authority of Financial Regulator, in the person of the Secretary of the Treasury, and gave him sweeping discretionary power to address financial, banking, lending and credit issues such as the current mortgage foreclosure moratorium imbroglio. I believe that at some point in the future he will provide a solution that integrates the banks with the Government in state corporate governance over housing, banking and mortgage securitization. An old English term for Financial Regulator, is Seignior, meaning top dog banker who takes a cut. I believe that out of coming crises, many people will come to trust in him, and conduct their economic affairs through him, and that he will oversee all banking, lending, and credit throughout the entire North America Continent. His word, will and way will be the law of the land.

A … Global Governance would come to no surprise to the Apostle John, who on the island of Patmos about 90 AD, had a dream, that is a vision, detailing “things which must shortly take place”, Revelation 1:1. The Lord gave him no specific time frame, I suppose this was so that those who lived thoughout the generations would wonder and ponder, “Am I living in the age of the Beast System”.  Some people who write bible commentaries, of which there are quite a few, say “shortly take place”, means that when the events start to happen, then they will take place rapidly, like dominoes in a line falling one after another.

He saw a globalization as process. Specifically he saw a Beast System rising rising from the sea of humanity to rule mankind, via a world-wide system of ten regions of government, Revelation 13:1-4.  His vision was fulfilled in the call by the Club of Rome in 1974 for ten regions of global governance. One of these regions is the Eurozone, another is the North American Continent, and another is the ASEAN trading group.

B … The Beast System is Global Corporatism. Houston Chronicle relates China stakes claim to S. Texas oil and gas.  State-owned Chinese energy giant CNOOC is buying a multibillion-dollar stake in 600,000 acres of South Texas oil and gas fields. The United States is no longer sovereign over its territorial natural resource reserves.  The US is no longer a sovereign country.  Soveriegn nation states have fallen to Global Corporatism, which has risen to be the sovereign world wide government system.   

Charles Hugh Smith writes “Global capitalism was the financialization of the global economy. In the U.S., we see this clearly in the financial share of corporate profits; from a pittance in the “real growth” decades of the 1950s and 60s, finance-derived profits came to dominate Corporate America’s profits.

This financialization effected a net transfer of public and private income streams and wealth from the citizenry and State to the coffers of the financial Elites. As actual productivity and wealth-creation declined, so did wages and incomes when priced in purchasing power.

To offset that decline, people, companies and governments replaced income with debt: they borrowed to fill the gap between their desires/commitments/spending and their net income.

The financial Elites were happy to supply the debt and capture the income streams of servicing that debt. By securitizing those debts and writing derivatives against them, the Elites created a stupendously profitable windfall to exploit. The Central State and its central bank were happy to comply, as they are in partnership with the Elites which enrich and empower them.

The net result of this expansion of credit is asset bubbles. When the asset bubbles pop, the debts remain, impoverishing the over-indebted holders of the busted assets.

Unfortunately for the Financial Elites, this destruction of assets and debt feeds runaway feedback loops which threaten the entire foundation of their wealth and control.

The strategy of both the Financial Elites and the Central State (its willing partner in exploitation of the citizenry) is to conjure up simulacra to replace the truth, which is fatally dangerous to the status quo that is now completely dependent on maintaining a culture of financial untruths.”

The order of the day is thus necessarily propaganda, bogus balance sheets, toothless facsimiles of “reform” presented as “real reform,” and endless frauds, embezzlements, lies, misrepresentations, omissions, etc., all of which have come to full flower in the credit-housing bubble/mortgage-forclosure debacle.

This is why the Financial Power Elites and the Federal Government are both wedded to lies, half-truths, misrepresentation, omissions, fraud, corruption and the full panoply of propaganda. To tell the truth is to bring down the entire status quo.”

C …  And Global Corporatism has a spiritual twin, that being the United Nations.  Hoodia Gordonii in International Discussion article Massive Challenges Highlight Key Role Of Global Governance, Ban Says provides UN.ORG News stating: “The world is facing challenges transcending borders like no other time in history”, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told an international conference in Morocco today, underlining the pivotal role played by global governance.

W.L. Mackenzie Redux writing in From Marxists to Transnational Progressives: A look at the left’s slow, mutated journey to the New World Order relates: “Transnational progressivism”… now there’s a jawbreaker to pronounce and a head-banger to conceptualize. First time I heard it mentioned on a political blog, I shrugged it off as just another vacant academic toss-off phrase that must’ve discharged from some nameless cloistered elite mind-farting in public. Then I came across this article by John Fonte

Fonte observes that elite institutions in western culture from the national council of churches to the UN and it’s plethora of NGOs are embarked upon an active path to destroy the concept of the sovereign nation state and it’s empowered individual and displace the influenece of the elected governments of these separate sovereign states with regional or global regulatory bureaucracies. He also observed that for some unknown reason all the governments in these sovereign western free nation-states seem on a self destructive course in being determined to deliver themselves up to this weakened national sovereignty and transnational governance. Fonte published his observations in the summer 2002 edition in PDF document of Hudson Institute Orbis magazine.

A profound observation by Mr. Carr. The collective dogmatic left has indeed grown up and left its small domestic pond and gone international in scope. Mutated from revolutionary tadpoles to mammon monopolisers and bureaucratic moguls in agenda and as such have attracted an economic and political elite to the helm of the movement.

This new international leftist elite (transnational progressivist or “Tranzies”) to whom the acquisition of both power and wealth has been a generational quest, have taken up the cause of the old left and sculpted the new global left ideologies to fit their long term agendas. Gone is the economic class struggle of Marx as the new middle class tyranny of a global bureaucratic feudal elite emerges from the old revolutionary left populist crusades. But this was destined to be …. an natural off-shoot of communism becoming populist in postmodernist western culture and going global in scope.

Communism, or more accurately centralized socialism, is not a movement of the down-trodden masses but of the economic elite …. the natural extension of this is global socialism which the “Tranzies” promote. If one understands that socialism is NOT a share the wealth plan but a politically actuated plan to consolidate power and control a nation’s wealth, then the paradox of super rich men promoting global socialism (or transnational progressivism) becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes logical, even the perfect tool for wealthy power-seeking megalomaniacs.

What we have to see when viewing the machinations and ideals of the new left/”Tranzie” movement, is that two historic polar opposite philosophies have found common ground in a common control agenda. In the past, the radical left was always defined by it’s big government interventionist statism … its trend toward police state enforcement of dyslexic utopian egalitarianism … in contrast, the radical right was defined by it’s big business-corporatist-monopolist economic feudalism and social darwinism … its tendency to politically empower a economic elite and form economic feudalist “baronage” among silent ruling class oligarchs … in the transnational progressivist movement there are elements of both these radical agendas in a convenient practical marriage. That ideological “marriage” has made the Tranzie movement the most formidable danger free men have faced since escaping the tyranny of the age of Kings. The danger lies in the common element glueing these global control orthodoxies is the disempowerment of the individual. The age of the comman man is at a wane …. the rise of NGO regulatory pwer is the symptomatic evidence and return to the empowered idividual is the cure to keep unaccountable global autocrats at bay… the empowered individual thrives in the soveriegn constitutional-commonlaw nation state.

The coming global administration will be no respecter of your individual or civil freedoms. From the behavior of Tranzies in domestic office today we can see they are headed towards some form of racialist police state being imposed (Multicult/diversity enforcement being a machination of “Tranzie” statism). A state where the elites will encourage the supposed historically oppressed to get even with their former oppressors and provide that opportunity through the perversion of the legal and governing systems will/has emerged … a sort of defacto tyranny of minorieites supported by a white-bread ruling elite.

This is the first installment on the transnational progressivist globalism … coming up next we will explore this pluralist “group rights” concept of “Tranzism” being the antithesis of constitutional democracy concepts of the individual being the central political unit:  “Among the main concepts of Transnational Progressivism is the notion that the key political unit is not the individual who forms voluntary associations and works with his fellow citizens regardless of their race, sex or national origin, it is the ascriptive group – racial, ethnic or gender – into which one is born.” 

II … The Apostle’s vision also call for a global governor, that is a Sovereign, rising to rule mankind, Revelation 13:5-10

The world leader will be complemented by the Seignior, Revelation 13:11-18, meaning top dog banker who takes a cut. He is a also a Spiritual Leader with a unifying Global Vision. Eventually he will direct the 666 credit system,  Revelation 13:17-18, where one will be given the charagma, or mark, necessary to conduct commercial activity.

III … Today bonds, BND, trading down to 82.53 which is below their October 7, 2010 high of 82.93.

The Great World Wide Bond Rally is over. The Bond Bubble has been pricked by bond vigilantes calling the interest rate on the 30 Year US Government bond, $TYX, and the interest rate on the 10 Year US Government Note, $TNX, higher.  

The interest rate on the 30 Year US Government bond, $TYX, is now in its fourth day of breakout and trading at 38.98.

The longer out US Government bonds are falling hard now, as bond traders are concerned that the Fed’s QE 2 is monetization of debt. Bond purchasers believe that the Fed’s QE 2 bond purchases are no longer stimulative of either stock or bond prices; and that the Fed’s action is simply printing of money that cannot stimulate spending nor help lower unemployment.

The investor is no long entitled to a growing return of investment in a bond ETF or bond mutual fund. 

One can follow a number of Inverse ETFs to be sold short in this Finviz  Screener.

UBT ProShares — UBT, 200% US 30 Year Treasury xx fell 2.78% today, creating gain for the short seller  
TMF Direxion — TMF, 300% US 30 Year Treasury xx fell 4.56% today, creating gain for the short seller

One can follow these in the chart of TMF and UBT.

Tyler Durden reports in ZeroHedge article Primary Dealer Stick Save Prevents Rout: ”PDs took down 58.6% of the auction, the highest since May of 2009″.  And CNBC reports: Bonds Add to Losses After Dismal 30-Year Auction. I relate that currently the 30:10 Yield Curve, $TYX:$TNX,  is quite steep at 1.580. A steep yield curves is typically considered conducive to economic growth and investment, but will today’s artificially steepened curve assist growth and encourage continued investment?

Of note the Zeroes, ZROZ are at the edge of a massive head and shoulders pattern, manifesting a huge bearish engulfing candlestick, this suggests they could fall massively lower in value. As they break lower, then those short TMF and UBT will be nicely rewarded.    

In a strange quirk, the TIPS are rising and even more surprizingly the longer out  LTPZ at 58.72 has risen faster in value than the shorter duration TIP

Mortgage Backed Bonds, MBB, fell lower to  109.66. Junk Bonds, JNK, manifested a dark cloud covering candlestick at the top of an ascending wedge to close lower at 40.13; this suggests that we have passed through peak investment liquidity.  Municipal Bond, MUB, closed lower at 106.25. Emerging market bonds, EMB, manifested a dark cloud covering candlestick and traded lower at 113.01. Although the US Federal Reserve is communicating a new QE package, the bond market is selling off, as even the short duration US Government Bonds, the 2 Year Notes, SHY, turned down today

Moses Kim writes “Gresham’s law is starting to play out as this debt crisis continues. As people start to realize that currencies are being devalued globally as a matter of national policy, they will start to buy gold. Believe it or not, this monster rally in gold is flying under the radar for the average person. There is no question in my mind that there will be shortages in gold and silver that will make the supply constraints in 2008 look minor in comparison. I urge you all to step in front of trends instead of chasing them. It is likely that you will see competitive devaluations globally and that all major currencies will fall relative to gold. It is also likely that U.S. bonds will decline precipitously in response.”

Given that stocks, ACWI, appears to be topping out at 45.13, and that bonds, BND, turned lower today, we have likely passed through Peak Wealth. We have passed from the age of prosperity into the age of debt servitud. Said another way, today, we passed through Peak Credit.

Not only will bonds now fall fast and hard; but stocks as well especially the Small Cap Value, RZV, Austria EWO, Banks, KBE, Copper Mining, CU, Home Building,  ITB, India, INP, the Russell 2000, IWM,  and Sweden EWD.

A MSN chart for the period June 7, 2010 to October 15 can be found here http://tinyurl.com/2ac8q78 .

A Finviz portfolio can be found here http://tinyurl.com/28p598g .

A Yahoo Finance chart can be found here http://tinyurl.com/2etcstn .

The Fed must have foreseen this day. I conclude that the Fed’s actions are a final step to integrate banks into the Federal Reserve so that both participate in state corporte rule over the people. Promising more stimulus only monetizes sovereign debt, and causes money to take flight to safety in gold, GLD, and to speculate in buying commodities, such as agricultural commodities, RJA, and food commodities, FUD, inflating the price of such to the world’s population. I conclude that the purpose of QE2 is a final chapter in integrating the Banks and the Government into a combine of state corporate rule, that is state corporatism.   

The Spigot of Investment Liquidity coming from the Government, being turned past full on, has become toxic to investing long both the bond and the stock markets.

The Spigot of Investment Liquidity coming from the Currency Traders going long the carry trades, can be seen in the major currencies, relative to the Yen, DBV:FXY, and the developing currencies relative to the Yen, CEW:FXY, both turned lower today, suggesting that yen based carry trades will now be unwinding causing disivnestment from stocks. This as the major currencies, ICN, FXA, FXS, FXE, BZA, FXC and FXM popped higher today. 

With both spigots of invesment liquidity being turned off, debt deflation will not get actively underway once again. 

Debt deflation is the contraction and crisis that follows credit expansion.  One of the most famous quotations of Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises is from page 572 of Human Action: “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion.  The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency involved.”

Global Debt Deflation commenced on April 26, 2010, when the value shares failed to outperform the growth shares.

It was on April 26, 2010, the currency traders went long the yen and short the global currencies with the onset of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis.

Now, once again the currency traders may sell the world currencies against the Yen, in a revulsion of QE2; or they may sell the US Dollar, $USD, the choice is theirs. If someone calls the Yen, FXY, higher over night, that is above 121.47, it is likely that they will sell the world currencies against the Yen tomorrow. 

IV … Keywords: worldleader, globalcorporatism, beastsystem


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