Franco-German Deal On Treaty Change Provokes Uprising, Open Europe Reports

Open Europe Press Summary of October 25, 2010 relates Franco-German Deal On Treaty Change Provokes Uprising

FTD reports the Franco-German deal on EU treaty change is facing “an uprising”. Luxembourg‘s Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn is quoted saying, “To me it seems like this time only the national interests of these two countries mattered. And that is not in the European interest.” Asselborn is quoted in Handelsblatt saying it is “politically ludicrous” to opt for a treaty change now. He describes the demand for treaty change as “absolutely not enforceable”. The Irish Times reports that Merkel is facing opposition from an alliance of EU member states, including Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

Another diplomat is quoted in the FT saying, “We’re more or less used to Germany and France cooking things up. But this was really flagrant.” Stern quotes German Economy Minister Rainer Brüderle warning of difficult times ahead for the EU. “It won’t be easy,” he said.

The front page of FT Deutschland notes that the Franco-German deal, which would create an ‘orderly default procedure’ for eurozone countries, calls the current ‘no bailout’ clause into question. An EU diplomat is quoted saying, “the Bundesbank will not approve of this.”

Meanwhile, the Sunday Telegraph noted that Conservative backbenchers could seize on the re-opening of the Lisbon treaty and pressure the Coalition government to demand powers back to Britain in return for giving its approval to a new round of Treaty changes, over which the UK would have a veto.  Conservative MP Douglas Carswell, was quoted saying: “France and Germany will use this to get what they want – we should use it to get what we want, such as free trade.”

Focus FT Deutschland Reuters Deutschland Stern Tageschau Handelsblatt Welt Zeit Spiegel FT FT Deutschland 2 Handelsblatt Handelsblatt2 Welt Spiegel Zeit Irish Times Open Europe blog


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