John Colbert, A Libertarian And Constitutionalist, May Beat Adam Schiff In California’s 29th Congressional District

The John Colbert For Congresss Website reports John Colbert is a libertarian, who believes: “The founders our nation gave to us a great gift. A unique republic built upon the notion of natural unalienable rights, popular sovereignty, equality of opportunity, personal responsibility and limited government. Throughout the 20thCentury and now under the current leadership in Washington, these traditional principles have steadily eroded and have increasingly been substituted by foreign European-style notions of the social democratic welfare state. It is time we reverse these trends, declare again our commitment to the principles of the Constitution and make the hard decisions necessary to bring about a new birth of freedom in America. ”


My question for Mr.  Colbert is: “Does the Constitution set one free or does the Lord God set one free?”


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