Tim Scott Likely To Win House Seat

Who Runs Gov reports on Tim Scott:  It is already significant that  Scott will become the first African-American Republican to serve in to the U.S. House since 2003. Add to that the fact that he hails from a conservative  South Carolina district, and it’s no surprise the national media swarmed the state in June 2010 to cover his triumphant victory in the GOP primary.

Scott is used to the attention, having already made history when his election to the Charleston County Council in 1995 made him the first black Republican to hold any state office since 1902. During his 13 years on the council, two of which he served as chairman, Scott became a rising star in the Republican Party. After Gov. Mark Sanford (R) tried unsuccessfully to appoint him state treasurer, Scott was elected to the state House in 2008.

A staunch conservative, Scott wants to reduce the scope of government, which he believes has exceeded its constitutional mandate. He argues for substantial tax cuts, looser business regulations and a repeal of Democrats’ health-care bill. He opposes the earmark process.

Scott has also been active on non-economic issues. For instance, introduced state legislation modeled after Arizona’s controversial immigration law and he led Charleston County into a legal battle over his decision to display the Ten Commandments outside its council chamber.

Scott has pledged to only serve four terms.Behre, Robert, “Scott opposes earmark system,” The Post and Courier, September 22, 2010(1)Behre, Robert, “Scott opposes earmark system,” The Post and Courier, September 22, 2010

In His Own Words: “This race is about the size of the federal government, eliminating that size and getting us closer to the constitutional mandate of a smaller, less intrusive government.”


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