A Bear Stock Market Has Been Underway Since October 15, 2010

The world is moving quickly towards the 666 Credit System presented in Bible prophecy in the Book of Revelation.

A bear market has been underway since October 15, when world stocks, ACWI, fell as the Interest Rate on the 30 Year US Government Bonds, $TYX, rose to 4%, which caused emerging markets currencies, CEW, and developed market currencies, DBV, to fall lower.

The Yen, FXY, rose strongly in value on October, 29, 2010, dislocating yen carry trades; this will cause a great unwinding of stocks globally: fiat wealth will be totally destroyed by falling currency value.  

Global debt deflation commenced October 15, 2010. Debt deflation is the contraction and crisis that follows credit expansion.  One of the most famous quotations of Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises is from page 572 of Human Action: “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion.  The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency involved.”

I believe that a Global Seignior, that is a top dog banker who takes a cut, will institute unified regulation of banking globally, as referred to, in the James Politi and Gillian Tett Financial Times article, NY Fed Chief In Push For Global Bank Framework, and that the Seignior will oversee all matters of debt and credit, and implement a global currency system.

Bible prophecy reveals that the Beast System of Revelation 13:1-4, will arise to rule mankind.

In addition to foretelling of a beast system, the bible heralds the Sovereign, rising to rule mankind, Revelation 13:5-10

The world leader will be complemented by the Seignior, Revelation 13:11-18, meaning top dog banker who takes a cut.

He is a also a Spiritual Leader with a unifying Global Vision. Eventually he will direct the 666 credit system,  Revelation 13:17-18, where one will be given the charagma, or mark, necessary to conduct commercial activity.

Those interested can read more in article Beast System, Sovereign, and Seignior to rule mankind.

Keywords: globalcurrencysystem, unifiedregulationofbankingglobally, unifiedregulation.


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