Are You Looking For A Home In San Francisco? … Sekisui House Provides Insight Into The Vibrancy Of San Francisco’s Districts

Sekisu House provides the San Francisco Neighborhood Guide For Homebuyers and relates: “If you are looking for a home in San Francisco, understanding the layout and neighborhood distinctions is important. San Francisco is a compact city, covering an area of approximately 7 x 7 miles. It is organized into 10 Districts, each determined by geographic boundaries. Within these Districts are neighborhoods. Some are characterized by distinct ethnic and cultural heritage, others by lifestyle or industry.

A rich variety of homes and amazing character are what one can expect in District 5. Haight Ashbury still boasts the Bohemian ambience that once made it so famous. Duboce Triangle is a rapidly changing community, and one of the sunnier areas of the city. Twin Peaks offers some of the most spectacular panoramic vistas in San Francisco, and Noe Valley has become a much-coveted residential area. District 5 may well be one of the most socially diverse areas in the city.

District 9 is a mix of residential and industrial real estate. The new UCSF research campus has led to the rapid development of an affluent neighborhood in Mission Bay, where there was once a sprinkling of warehouses, shipping yards, and factories. Potrero Hill is a mellow, family-oriented neighborhood that appears to be in the process of being “discovered”. South of Market, or SoMa, is a high tech mecca by day and a nightspot after dark. Housing there is moderate to expensive with industrial as well as residential living spaces.

Cow Hollow, the Marina, Pacific Heights, and Presidio Heights are the neighborhoods in District 7. Pacific Heights is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Francisco. This prestigious real estate includes luxury condos with stunning views, co-ops, and elegant mansions. Nearby Cow Hollow and the Marina attract a young affluent crowd with a great singles scene, trendy bars, and a wide variety of interesting homes.


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