Expanding Carry Trade Investing Provided Seigniorage This Last Week

It is quite evident from financial market trading for the week ending November 5, 2010, that in addition to the Federal Reserve announcing QE 2, risk appetite expanded carry trade investing, which provided seigniorage to commodity, stock and bond markets as is seen in the chart of RZV, RZG, KROO, XLYS, and BRF 

This Finviz Screener of Currency ETFs will give insight into daily stock market trading as time proceeds.   

During the week beginning November 8, 2010, rising risk aversion to the European Financial Institution, EUFN, and sovereign debt of the periphery countries such as Portugal, Italy, EWI, Ireland, EIRL, Greece and Spain, EWP, as well as a rising interest rate on the US 30 Year Government bond, $TYX,  may provide an unwinding of carry trade investment, as seen in debt deflation in the major currencies, DBV, and the emerging market currencies, CEW, world stocks, ACWI, the European shares, VGK, the emerging markets, EEM, and bonds, BND.

I believe the world is passing from an age of prosperity into an age of austerity and hardship which will be marked by the end of credit and the establishment of a global currency system, by the rise to power of a global central banker, that is The Seignior, an Old English term meaning top dog banker who takes a cut.


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