Treasury Secreary Timoth Geithner Promotes Global Governance

Ian Talley and P. R. Venkat of Dow Jones News Wires report that on Saturday, Treasury Secretary Geithner arrived in Kyoto, Japan for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Meeting of Finance Ministers.  In the morning, he attended an informal breakfast with finance ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, where he spoke on the issues of how deficit and surplus nations should work to cut their imbalances, and what is needed to stabilize “the order of global currencies,”


Geither favors global governance and continually seeks to promote it.

A region of global governance is growing beyond the ASEAN Region to now include China, Japan and South Korea, as reported in its May 23, 2010 article Japan, China, S Korea Trade Ministers See Investment Pact In ’10.

I am a Reformed Christian and I see a much  bigger picture than most. It’s like I wrote: A Sovereign System, A Sovereign King And A Sovereign Banker To Rule Planet Earth, Bible Foretells


One Response to “Treasury Secreary Timoth Geithner Promotes Global Governance”

  1. Mr.Kowalski Says:

    Tim Geithner is a windbag who says the right things but who’s bosses in DC and Wall Street continue doing exactly what they please, which is print money irregardless of the consequences. For a global currency to happen, the global financial system as we know it would have to implode, a distinct possibility given derivatives and hopeless bank leverage ratios. I can see some sort of global currency standard based upon a basket of commodities.. Keynes’ Bancor comes to mind:

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