A Global Sovereign, Seignior And Currency … Are Rising To Rule Mankind


The United States Federal Government has two white washed tombs of debt. The First, is the Toxic Debt, which trades like the mutual fund FAGIX, and the Mortgaged-Backed Securities, MBB, which it took in under QE 1; and, The Second, is the Excess Reserves, that is the formerly money good, traded out under TARP, for the toxic debt and mortgage-backed bonds, which now sits deteriorating at the Federal Reserve.

Elaine Meinel Supkis relates: “In Professor Kennedy’s prescient book, ‘The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers‘ he discusses how power is based mainly, since the Industrial Revolution, on the industrial base of production and the RATE of growth is of highest importance.  Empires that ran their systems based on debt always declined even as they win individual battles or spats or won diplomatic struggles if their industrial base was ravaged by imports while the tax burden grew ever greater. Even if the taxes were based on very cheap credit, the gross overall size of these future obligations meant the ability to raise taxes during inevitable wars would vanish and the empire would then have to go outwards to seek funds from foreign powers and thus, lose sovereignty.  And the US is following exactly this track and is going bankrupt just like all previous empires.  That is, we learned absolutely nothing from a very obvious history that is easy to grasp.

The Japanese system of holding huge reserves in their FOREX accounts will continue unabated.  The ‘carefully designed macro-prudential measures’ seems to be a new fancy way of saying, ‘Quantitative Easing’.  Which is the least prudent thing on earth, of course.  It is totally reckless.  It is playing with one of the most dangerous of the Cave of Wealth and Death’s goddesses: Inflation.  She is a total terror because unlike her sister, Depression, Infinity kills money.  Depression doesn’t kill money, it makes money more valuable.  But people dislike this because it means no easy loans and rising profits.  So they want Inflation instead only she is a hungry beast and easily runs out of control due to a simple human trait: greed.

Once the greedy little banking gnomes realize they can simply print money and keep most of it, they do this.  To infinity.  They can’t stop!  This is why we had a gold standard: to prevent paper money from running suddenly to infinity.  Without exception, EVERY government that runs a purely paper money system lurches into destruction due to this temptation to simply print up endless amounts of cash.  I will note that many Americans are prey to this sort of delusional thinking that we can have a paper money system and no inflation.  This is humanly impossible.  We can’t help it: easy money creation always leads to reckless money creation and thus, the death of the currency. Always.”

I relate that history shows that monetization of debt creates an investment demand for gold. That is why I am invested in gold bullion. And why I encourage others to be invested in gold bullion as well.

Over the last 90 days, the value of gold in terms of the Euro, FXE, the Yen, FXY, the Brazilian Real, BZF, and the Australian Dollar, FXA, has increased in value as is seen in the chart of the ETFs, GLD, FXE, FXY, BZF, and FXA.

I expect gold to growing in value relative to the world’s major currencies, DBV, currencies, and emerging market currencies, CEW, even though its nominal value may fall, as bond vigilantes call interest rates ever higher, taking all debt, that is, the world government debt, BWX, international corporate bonds, PICB, and all debt, AGG, lower.

There will come a point in time when, the debt that cannot be taken down by the bond vigilantes and currency traders through debt deflation, must be applied to every man, woman and child in the world. At that time, or probably even sooner, I believe that in fulfillment of Bible Prophecy of Revelation Chapter 13, a Global Seignior and Global Sovereign will rise to power, and institute unified regulation of banking globally, this as referred to, in the James Politi and Gillian Tett Financial Times article, NY Fed Chief In Push For Global Bank Framework, and that the Seignior will oversee all matters of debt and credit, and implement a universal currency system, that is a global currency system, that will likely first be used by Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain, as they will have lost their sovereign debt seigniorage and the ECB will have stopped buying their debt.

Perhaps Robert Rubin, Co-Chairman of the Council On Foreign Relation, the CFR, or European Council President Herman Van Rompuy will rise to be the world’s Sovereign and institute global governance as he said November 9, 2010:  ”We have together to fight the danger of a new euro-scepticism. … This is no longer the monopoly of a few countries. In every member state, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world … It is more than an illusion: it is a lie!”, reports OpenEurope in November 10, 2010 Daily Briefing.

One can read the full EU Press release of his speech here. And Mark Alexander provides the reference to the Daily Telegraph report: Euroscepticism leads to war and a rising tide of nationalism is the European Union’s “biggest enemy”, Herman Van Rompuy, the president of Europe has told a Berlin audience.

EuObserver also provides coverage in article EU President Issues Stark Warning Against Nationalism:  EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy has issued a stark warning against growing nationalism, populism and anti-democratic forces across the EU, suggesting that the threat to peace in Europe remains a key issue.

“Today’s nationalism is often not a positive feeling of pride of one’s own identity, but a negative feeling of apprehension of the others. Fear of ‘enemies’ within our borders and beyond our borders.”

Beyond the EU’s economic and political structures, he said that Europe needed to look to its heritage, in particular, the values and virtues of Ancient Greece.

He also touched on the current economic crisis, cheering the recent decision of European leaders to move towards common economic governance.

“One cannot maintain a monetary unity without an economic union,” he said, and went on to salute the “courage” of EU leaders in imposing austerity measures over the top of popular opposition.

“I, for one, have really been impressed over the last year by the political courage of our governments. All are taking deeply unpopular measures to reform the economy and their budgets, moreover, at a time of rising populism.

“Some heads of government do this while being confronted with opposition in parliament, with protest in the streets, with strikes on the workplace – or all of this together – and fully knowing they run a big risk of electoral defeat.

“And yet they push ahead. If this is not political courage, what is?”

Definitely the drumbeat for global governance sounds louder by the day.


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