In The Negotiations For Seigniorage Aid, Dublin Can Only Hope To Extract Guarantees On Irish Sovereignty

In the negotiations for seigniorage aid, Dublin can only hope to extract guarantees on Irish sovereignty and its 12.5pc corporation tax rate, which has been crucial in luring Google, Microsoft, Pfizer, and others to Ireland.

The United Kingdom, the European Union and the IMF are becoming Ireland’s Seignior, an Old English word meaning top dog banker who takes a cut

The Ireland seigniorage aid package being worked out hopefully will prevent a domino like fall of European Financial Institutions, EUFN, whose earlier stress tests were remarkably stressless.

Those in Ireland now face an increasing democratic deficit, and more austerity, that being more internal devaluation, as global corporatism has strengthened european economic governance over an increasingly large number of countries.

Up until today, I did not know that British banks have £140 billion exposure to Ireland’s economic crisis as Robert Winnett and Bruno Waterfield of The Telegarph reported.

That was why, i was stunned when out of the blue, the UK, came running into the scene. The United Kingdom is now fully integrated into global governance together with the European Union.

There is a “trigger” for all things economic. It was the Leaders’ Announcement of a Debt Default Mechanism – a crisis mechanism which would be used in the event of a sovereign default, as Econogirl reported on October 28, 2010, that lead to a blast higher in periphery European sovereign debt interest rates in November 2010, as well as a run on Ireland’s banks, that brought about the current negotiation of seigniorage aid for Ireland. 

In other news I relate that, the currency traders have established themselves as the world’s sovereign governing power; their rule over the world’s governments began on November 5, 2010 when the Interest rate on the US Government Bond, $TYX, sustained above 4%, and as they sold the major currencies, DBV, and emerging market currencies, CEW, which has been called the US Dollar, $USD higher.

It may seem that the world government leaders are in control of banking and debt, but the currency traders, still have the upper hand and will continue their program of competitive currency deflation, that is competitive currency against the world governments, to control the world, its peoples and resources.

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