Roger Altman Considered for President’s Nation Economic Council

Future Of Capitalism reports Roger Altman Considered for President’s Nation Economic Council

Wikipedia relates that Roger Altman is an American investment banker, private equity investor and former United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury who served under Bill Clinton. He was a general partner of Lehman Brothers from 1974 to 1977.[1] From 1977 to 1981 he served as the Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of the Treasury, during which time he helped oversee the then-troubled financial affairs of Chrysler. In 1981, he returned to Lehman Brothers, where he became the co-head of investment banking and served on the board of the company and the management committee. During the 1980s, he was a lecturer and adjunct professor at the Yale School of Management. In 1987, Altman joined the newly-formed Blackstone Group as vice-chairman, head of its mergers and acquisitions advisory business and a member of the investment committee.  Altman served as the Deputy Treasury Secretary, before resigning in 1994 following a record-keeping scandal.[2][3]

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