The EUR/JPY Is Trading Down Before Stock Market Opening

The Yahoo Finance chart of the EURJPY shows trading at 111.07 down from a last close of 111.77; this portends that European shares, VGK, will open lower this morning, and down from a previous close of 49.43; which is down from their November 4, 2010 high of 53.42 on sovereign crisis concerns.

I gave a strong sell signal to both VGK, and the Euro, FXE, on November 24, 2010, in my ChartList ETFs And Stocks To Sell Short For A Debt Deflationary Bear Market … So lets see what transpires today in the EUR/JPY, which can be seen the chart of FXE:FXY which traded on November 24, 2010 at 1.122.

Another critical thing to observe in early morning trading will be the price of West Texas Intermediate Crude, $WTIC, traded by Oil, USO, and UCO. I gave a sell signal to these as well on November 24, 2010 as they rose to resistance.


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