Götterdämmerung Is Coming Soon

We are witnessing the rise of global corporatism, that is state corporate rule on in the Eurozone as David Cameron, Dominique Strauss Kahn and Olli Rehn are wrapping up a seigniorage aid bailout plan for Ireland, surrounding what the International Monetary Fund chief described as sovereign crisis, as Philip Aldrick, Economics Editor of The Telegraph wrote in November 19, 2010 article, IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Urges Leaders To Cede More Sovereignty To EU.

Sovereign crisis arose November 5, 2010 as bond vigilantes sustained the interest rate on the US 30 Year Government Bond, $TYX, above 4%, as the US Federal Reserve’s Quantative Easing 2, constitutes monetization  of debt. And as the currency traders sold the world’s major currencies, DBV, and emerging currencies, CEW, causing the US Dollar to rise. This caused an Elliott Wave 3 Down to start in the world stocks, as well as in the S&P.

Sovereign crisis has its epicenter in the Eurozone as Germany’s Merkel called for a sovereign default mechanism at the meeting of the European Task Force On Economic Governance on October 28, and October 29, 2010. The specter of sovereign default causes a run on Ireland’s banks, called the PIGS bond interest rates explosively higher as Fureyous relates, and the Euro, FXE, to fall lower, as Martin Sibileau reports,  And, Spain is now the focus; its ETF, that is EWP, fell hard this last week, as did Banco Santender, STD.

As a result of this crisis, and/or perhaps, a failed US Treasury Auction, or other major incident, Götterdämmerung, a world-wide investment flame out, is about to occur.

All of this was foretold in Bible Prophecy by the Apostle John writing in Revelation 1:1,  as he wrote of those things which must shortly come to pass, meaning, that when they first start to occur, they fall in place like lined-up dominoes collapsing one upon another.

In Revelation 13:1-2, John describes the Beast System rising from the sea of humanity through the process of globalization, central bank easing, waves of carry trade investing, Leaders’  Announcements of Framework Agreements and Seigniorage Bailout Agreements.

Revelation 13:3, prophecies that the soon coming apparent fatal wound to the world’s economic and political systems will be healed.

Out of the soon coming investment “flame out”, a leader and a banker will rise to establish order. A Sovereign and a Seignior, an Old English word meaning top dog banker who takes a cut, will ascend to govern.  According to bible prophecy their word, will and way will be the law of the land superseding constitutional law and traditional rule of law that comes with national sovereignty.

Christian Believers Assembly in article The Stunning Revival of the New Roman Empire, writes: Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal has just seen the murder of their democracy and rights as a country as EU budget and commission has imposed stringent economic and fiscal rules over their country bypassing the laws of the countries. Over the course of the week, we have seen how the EU parliament has imposed strict budget rules over a sovereign country, Ireland. Ireland now will be forever in debt to the Euro.  

Perhaps Herman Van Rompuy will rise to be The Sovereign of Revelation 13:5-10,  as  the Afteramerica website relates that he has called for global governance: nation states are dead … The EU chief relates the belief that countries can stand alone, is a ‘lie and an illusion!’

And perhaps Tony Blair, because of his business connections, will rise to be The Seignior of Revelation 13:11-18 ….. Or perhaps the Seignior will be Olli Rehn, one known for calling for calm as related by Ambrose Evans Pritchard in article Telegraph article Greek Rescue Frays as Irish Crisis Drags On: The eurozone bail-out for Greece has begun to unravel after Austria suspended aid contributions over failure to comply with the rescue terms, and Germany warned Athens that its patience was running out. The clash caught markets off-guard and heightened fears that Europe’s debt crisis may be escalating, with deep confusion over the Irish crisis as Dublin continues to resist EU pressure to request its own rescue. Olli Rehn, the EU economics commissioner, said escalating rhetoric in Europe was turning dangerous. “I want to call on every responsible European to resist the centrifugal tendencies and existential alarmism.” ….. And yet again, The Seignior might be the co-chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR, Robert Rubin, who was Treasury Secretary. He is shown in a 1995 photo by Stephen Crowley of The New York Times, with Alan Greenspan, who was Federal Reserve Chairman, at a House Hearing, in The New York Times article The Reckoning Taking Hard New Look At A Greenspan Legacy by Peter S. Goodman, who said of Alan Greenspan: “And his views held the greatest sway in debates about the regulation and use of derivatives, exotic contracts that promised to protect investors from losses, thereby stimulating riskier practices that led to the financial crisis. For more than a decade, Alan Greenspan has fiercely objected whenever derivatives have come under scrutiny in Congress or on Wall Street. He related: “What we have found over the years in the marketplace is that derivatives have been an extraordinarily useful vehicle to transfer risk from those who shouldn’t be taking it to those who are willing to and are capable of doing so,” Mr. Greenspan told the Senate Banking Committee in 2003. “We think it would be a mistake” to more deeply regulate the contracts, he added.

All seigniorage will come and go through The Seignior: all sovereign wealth funds, and banks will report to him, as there will be unified regulation of banking globally as referred to, in the James Politi and Gillian Tett Financial Times article, NY Fed Chief Timothy Geithner In Push For Global Bank Framework.

Soon there will be no national seigniorage anywhere as sovereign debt interest rates will explode to the point where there will be no buyers. This is already the case for Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain, as they have lost their seigniorage authority. Their fiscal needs are now provided for by the ECB which buys their bond issues, as well as debt from their banks. The ECB is the sole lender to these nations. Currently the ECB is The European Seignior.

Sovereign nations and their constitutions will be history, as principles of global governance working through regional economic and security pacts and leaders’ agreements will serve as the basis for regional currencies or a global currency.

The Seignior’s financial and economic power will complement the military and political power of the Sovereign; and between the two they own the world “lock, stock and barrel”.

After Götterdämmerung strikes, Bible prophecy foretells that this apparent wound to fiscal seigniorage and credit seigniorage will be healed, and that the people will be amazed and follow after the beast, meaning that people will give allegiance to global governance, as all vestiges of national sovereignty is swept away. The people of Ireland will be giving commitment to European economic governance where fiscal sovereignty comes from Brussels or other major political center. Fiscal sovereignty and economic governance are two sides of the same coin.

Anarcho Capitalists and all other Libertarians are soon going to learn who and what is Sovereign.

I do not suffer from any libertarian misperceptions, as I am not a free individual. I am a love servant, that is a bond servant, of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the years, I have asked myself who, just who, were those who participated in the American Revolution? I was told that it was Libertarians and Christians. Today, I’ve come to discern the truth in that most important question: It was NOT Christians, rather Libertarians, and Free Masons, that is Freemen and the Illuminati combined, who participated in the American Revolution, as each had firm conviction as to what the future would hold. Once united in common action, they now stand diametrically opposed. And it was all God’s doing to bring us to sovereign crisis. And I say all is glory, praise and honor to the Soveign Lord Of The Universe, The Lamb Slain Before The Foundation of the Worlds.

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