Daniel’s Revived Fourth Kingdom Has Formed By EU Treaty And European Leaders’ Agreements — It Will Morph Into World Government

A Revived Roman Empire Is Rising To Power In Europe

I … Daniel’s prophesied a series five world kingdoms in Daniel 2:33.

The Fourth Kingdom is of iron. It is the Roman Empire, according to Daniel’s interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The two legs are the division of the Roman Empire into an eastern portion called the Byzantine empire which ended in the 1400’s and a western portion based in Rome which ended in the 400’s.

The Treaties of Rome revived the Roman Empire on March 25, 1957, establishing The Fifth Kingdom of iron and clay, The Eurozone.  


Juan Carlos Ocana writes: “These being the European Economic Community, EEC, Treaty, and the European Atomic Energy Community Treaty. The EEC affirmed in its preamble that signatory States were “determined to lay the foundations of an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe.”  In this way, the member States specifically affirmed the political objective of a progressive political integration. The EEC was colloquially known as “Common Market”. The member countries agreed to dismantle all tariff barriers over a 12-year transitional period.”


With the onset of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis and the Greek Debt Bailout in May, 2010, and then the Sovereign Crisis poised by Ireland Bailout in November 2010, two separate Leaders Agreements for European Economic Governance, strengthened The Fifth Kingdom.

The first Leaders’ Agreement was broad-based, with Germany and Britain serving as the power base. James G. Neuger and Meera Louis report in May 10, 2010 Bloomberg article EU Crafts $962 Billion Show of Force to Halt Crisis: “Policy makers unveiled an unprecedented loan package worth almost $1 trillion and a program of bond purchases to stop a sovereign-debt crisis that threatened to shatter confidence in the euro. As Merkel’s cabinet held a late-night meeting in Berlin on the euro rescue, her party unexpectedly lost control of Germany’s most populous state in a regional election, potentially costing her a majority in the upper house of the federal parliament. Goaded by Germany, the ministers made a fresh commitment to closer monitoring of government finances and more rigorous enforcement of the deficit-limitation rules. The vow to push budget shortfalls below the euro’s 3 percent limit echoes promises that have been regularly broken ever since governments in 1999 set a three-year deadline for achieving balanced budgets. The euro region’s overall deficit is forecast at 6.6 percent of gross domestic product in 2010 and 6.1 percent in 2011. Britain, the EU’s third-largest economy, won’t contribute to a euro rescue fund, though it backs efforts to restore stability, Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling said. “When it comes to supporting the euro, that is for the eurogroup countries,” Darling told Sky News.”

The second Leaders Agreement was more European core based with Brussels, Frankfurt and Paris establishing leadership.  Rompuy, Merkel and Sarkozy on November 28, 2010, negotiated and announced, a Leaders’ Framework Agreement to establish a permanent crisis mechanism, that will replace that European Financial Stability Fund, EFSF, that expires in mid-2013.  This sovereign debt default mechanism is called the European Stability Mechanism, ESM.  

We see that Germany is the real power force in a revived Roman Empire, in an attempt to find a way out of Europe’s sovereign debt crises.  Ambrose Evans Pritchard commented, on May 2, 2010, in the Telegraph, documenting the power of Germany in words reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher: “If the aim of Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand at Maastricht was to tie down a ‘European Germany’ with the silken chords of emu, they failed. Monetary union has delivered a ‘German Europe’ after all. And he continues, We now know the answer to Henry Kissinger’s question: “Who do I call if I want to call Europe?” Only one person matters,The Chancellor of Germany.” …. And also Arthur Beesley in October 20, 2010, Irish Times article Sarkozy And Merkel Union Just Too Powerful To Ignore documents the rising power Germany in the EU.

II The Chancellor of Germany, Mrs Merkel, who stands for global order and global governance, and called for Mankind’s Sixth Kingdom, that is world government, found in Daniel 7:7 and Revelation 13:1-4, as BBC News quotes: “If we are to have a global order and global governance we need to have an understanding for each other
III … Mankind’s Seven Kingdoms; the first five of which are found in Daniel 2:30-44
1) First, Babylonian, Gold
2  Second, Medo-Persian, Silver
3) Third Greek, Bronze
4) Fourth, Roman, Iron
5) Fifth, Revived Roman, European: Iron And Clay
6) Sixth, Fully formed world government, Daniel 7:7 and Revelation 13:1-4. This beast is an alliance of European And US power ruling through global corporatism and global governance.
7) Mankind Seventh Kingdom is Christ’s rule and reign on planet earth for a thousand years

IV … The beast will have an apparent fatal wound, which one could call, Götterdämmerung, or collapse,   Revelation 13:3. This prophecies an apparent fatal death of the world’s economic system. But this catastrophe will be healed. Out of the soon coming investment flameout, a Sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10, and a seignior, Revelation, 13:11-17, will rise to establish order in ten regions of global government, as reflected in the ten heads of the beast.  The word Seignior, comes from Old English and means top dog banker who takes a cut; he will call for unified regulation of banking globally, establish fiscal sovereignty, and provide fiscal and credit seigniorage.  According to bible prophecy their word, will and way will be the law of the land superseding constitutional law and traditional rule of law that comes with national sovereignty.

The Apostle John wrote that after Götterdämmerung strikes and is resolved, “ the world marveled and followed the beast”, meaning that people will give allegiance to global governance, as all vestiges of national sovereignty is swept away. The people of Ireland will be giving commitment to European economic governance where fiscal sovereignty comes from Brussels or other major political center. Fiscal sovereignty and economic governance being two sides of the same coin.

Anarcho Capitalists and all other Libertarians are soon going to learn who and what is Sovereign. I do not suffer from any libertarian misperceptions, as I am not a free individual. I am a love servant, that is a bond servant, of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the years, I have asked myself who, just who, were those who participated in the American Revolution? I was told that it was Libertarians and Christians. Today, I’ve come to discern the truth in that most important question: It was NOT Christians, rather Libertarians, and Free Masons, that is Freemen and the Illuminati combined, who participated in the American Revolution, as each had firm conviction as to what the future would hold. Once united in common action, they now stand diametrically opposed. And it was all God’s doing to bring us to sovereign crisis. And I say all is glory, praise and honor to the Sovereign Lord Of The Universe.

V … Conclusion: I perceive tht the beast of global governance is rising from the sea of Humanity, Revelation 13:1-4; it is the same one as Daniel 7:7,  13:1-4. It will be accompanied by a Sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10 and a Seignior, an Old English word meaning top dog banker who takes a cut, Revelation 13:11-18.  They will rise to power out of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis.

VI … In other report, Van Rompuy said to be impartial to Turkey.

Hilal Yalcin writes: Just ahead of his appointment, records of a speech by Van Rompuy during a meeting of the Council of Europe on the subject of Turkey ‘s possible entry into the EU, held in the Belgian parliament in December 2004, have clearly revealed his strong opposition to Turkey ever joining the EU. “Turkey is not a part of Europe and will never be part of Europe,” Van Rompuy said at the time, suggesting that Europe’s Christian “fundamental values” would be undermined by admitting Turkey into the union. “An expansion of the EU to include Turkey cannot be considered as just another expansion as in the past. The universal values which are in force in Europe, and which are also fundamental values of Christianity, will lose vigor with the entry of a large Islamic country such as Turkey,” the then-opposition politician said. An EU summit decision in December 2004 had given the go-ahead for opening membership negotiations with Turkey in October 2005.

Van Rompuy’s 2004 speech puts him squarely on the side of Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France, and Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, both of whom are willing to offer Turkey a “privileged partnership” but want to keep the country out of the EU.  Admitting that the tone of the 2004 speech by Van Rompuy was “harsh,” Yalçın, however, told Today’s Zaman that the speech targeted the then-government, but was not particularly aimed at harming Turkey’s EU bid.

“After all, Van Rompuy has not made any other anti-Turkish statements. It also means Rompuy would not be with either Merkel or Sarkozy,” Yalçın said. “As he knew I was of Turkish origin, we occasionally had the chance to discuss Turkey-related issues. I know he follows developments in Turkey closely. I have never witnessed any callous stance towards Turkey from him,” she added, calling the new EU president a “very open-minded person having a wide vision and approaching issues from a philosophical angle.” Yalçın, meanwhile, highlighted that the Belgian Christian Democrats are not against Turkey’s EU membership. For his part, Yüksel said it would be unfair to treat Van Rompuy as if he was “a Sarkozy-minded” politician. “A five-year period of time is not short in terms of politics. Van Rompuy may have changed by this time. In addition, Van Rompuy said he would pursue European Council decisions on Turkey during his statement following his election. I do not think Van Rompuy will harm the EU’s relations with Turkey,” Yüksel said.

Soon after his appointment, speaking to reporters in Brussels on Thursday, Van Rompuy was asked questions on his stance concerning Turkey’s EU bid. He responded that from now on, as the EU president, his personal opinions did not matter as he would harmonize his views with the EU’s decisions. “What I think is not important at all. My duty as president is producing reconcilement among EU countries,” Van Rompuy added.


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