I’m Not A Free Individual

I am not a free and sovereign individual. I am a love servant, that is a bond servant, of the Sovereign Lord, Jesus Christ.

Over the years, I have asked myself who, just who, were those who participated in the American Revolution?

I was told that it was Libertarians and Christians. Today, I’ve come to discern the truth in that most important question: It was NOT Christians, rather Libertarians, and Free Masons, that is Freemen and the Illuminati combined, who participated in the American Revolution, as each had firm conviction as to what the future would hold.

Once united in common action, these two now stand diametrically opposed, as many take action in the Tea Party and the others call for Government action, to address financial issues. I believe that ever since the so called Declaration of Independence, we have been in an ever developing seigniorage and sovereign crisis.

There be many Austrian Economists and their devotees, who being anarcho capitalists, would love to see Germany and its former currency revived, but that is a most unlikely future scenario.

Bible prophecy foretells that a German Europe will arise as part of a ten region, global government, in fulfillment of Daniel’s Vision of mankind’s sixth kingdom, Daniel 7:7, which is also found in John’s Revelation of a beast system rising from the sea of humanity, Revelation 13:1-4.

And out of European Financial Institution, EUFN,  and global banking system failure, a Chancellor, Revelation 13:5-10,  and a banker, Revelation 13:11-17, arise to govern the world, and end up mandating the 666 credit system, Revelation 13:18.

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