Obama Caves-In, Provides Tax Cut For The Wealthy

Charles Babington of the Associated Press reports Republicans achieve top goal in Obama tax-cut plan. Either one of two things is going on: Either Obama works for the rich bankster donors, or he is like Esau who sells out to his scheming brother Jacob, for a bowl of beans,  Genesis 25:29-34

I love the book of Genesis, as it has many insights into the Jewish people who lived in land of Palestine approximately 6,000 years ago, and it is known as the Book of Foundations.

Victoria Ednos Shephard on Jacob Have I Loved Facebook provides a most wonderful insight: God did not have to “save” any of us. People focus on “Esau I hated,” but the real miracle is “Jacob I loved.” There was nothing in Jacob to make him lovable, but God loved him. The same is true with us. Why would He choose to save some of us, when He didn’t have to save any of us?

Jacob was chosen by God from eternity past while his brother was left in his sins. Romans 9:10-15 tells us that it is all by God’s sovereign will and mercy that some are saved.  Double predestination says that God is responsible for election and reprobation, that is, God actively calls the elect but leaves the reprobate in his sins.

I am a Hebrew, meaning one from the other side, and soon I look forward to meeting my father Abraham. He’s the father, that is the starter, of all who have a faith that pleases God.


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