The Coming World Sovereign Will Subdue Three World Rulers And Mandate Sweeping Economic And Political Changes And Do Away With The Rule Of Law

Bible prophecy of Daniel 7:23-25 relates that mankind has been appointed to be governed by four beasts, and is soon going on to be ruled by global governance, in ten regions as called for by the Club of Rome in 1974. 

The first three beasts, that is, the first three kingdoms, are the Babylonia Empire, the Medio Persian Empire and the Greek Empire. The fourth beast is the Roman Empire, its successor, the Revived Roman Empire. And out of its dominance and call, will come horns, that is, ten world rulers.   

The Revived Roman Empire, that is Euro Germany, will produce the little horn, that is the leader, who will subdue three of the other ten horns, and “change the times” and “the law”; that is he will “mandate sweeping economic and political changes” and do away with the “rule of law”.

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