“Behold, A Fourth Beast, Dreadful and Terrible, Exceedingly Strong…” The EU

Marlin J. Yoder writes: “Behold, A Fourth Beast, Dreadful and Terrible, Exceedingly Strong…” the EU

This final beast-kingdom of ancient Rome is inspired by Satan and will rule the earth during Antichrist’s temporal seven year reign. That kingdom, dear friends, is the one whom living Christians must be prepared to endure to meet Christ at its end.   

While World War II had different ending dates depending on each allies’ perspective, for Europe it ended on May 8, 1945. The world then underwent a period of grieving among nations to never allow such carnage and destruction of human life again. It was then three years later to the month that David Ben Gurion declared in May 1948 the sovereign status of Israel as a nation and the Ezekiel 37 prophetic in-gathering of Jews to their land had begun.

I believe that single event was God’s time clock that set into motion the time of the end of Daniel’s prophesy. In the last half of the 20th century the gathering of Jews from nations all over the world to their homeland has been nothing short of astounding biblical fulfillment.

Highly skilled Jewish doctors, lawyers and even space engineers from various nations left the lives they had built and went to Israel to build homes, cities and streets. Many, when asked why they had made such a choice said, “…something in our hearts just drew us here.” That something was God’s Holy Spirit seeing to it that every jot of prophecy was fulfilled concerning the land of Israel.

As a result of WWII Winston Churchill called for a “United States of Europe” as early as 1946 which in 1949 became more definitively called the “Council of Europe”, which has grown to the present-day twenty-seven member nation of the European Union.

This EU is none other than the revived ancient Roman Empire; it’s the, “…feet partly of iron and partly of clay”, Daniel 2:33; it’s a union of people partly strong and united in policies of global economic and social control, yet partly weakened by diverse immigration; it’s a union poised to rule the world politically, economically and militarily.

 The EU has already demonstrated its over-riding power and influence right here in America and in many nations worldwide. Also, established in 1946 was the International Court of Justice also known as The World Court having two primary functions:  to 1) “settle in accordance with international law the legal disputes brought to it by individual countries and 2) give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized international organs and agencies.” This powerful World Court ironically meets in the “Peace Palace” at The Hague, Netherlands, a member of the European Union.

Power and global control is the ever-increasing desire of the strengthening EU. Nothing man can do will hinder its growth and influence. This fourth beast-kingdom will rule the world once again and from within it will arise an alliance of ten kings from whom will rise the “…little horn” of Daniel 7:8 and he will cast down three nations leaving seven superior ones. This little horn is the Antichrist empowered by Satan who desires to win the end time struggle for the souls of man and the Kingdom of God.

Antichrist will blaspheme the God of heaven and earth, showing himself to be God. Antichrist; “…who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” 2 Thessalonians 2:4 will produce such deceptions as to deceive even the very elect of God. That means that Christians must in truth and wisdom set their hearts against every deception that opposes the perfect and enduring Word of God and help our fellowman stand strong against the same, for these deceptions will cause many to turn from the Christian faith, to hate and betray each other just like Christ taught in Matthew 24:10.

I realize that much of the western church has taught John Darby’s onerous doctrine the past 183 years that saints will be snatched off the earth prior to the revelation of Antichrist, but I exhort you to disbelieve that ear-tickling doctrine, because it serves only to hold people captive to a false hope and will in the end bear fruit to anger and many turning from the faith when they “see” Antichrist just as Christ taught.


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