The Eurozone Will Become A Political Union, Herman Van Rompuy Says

Open Europe in Press Summary for December 24, 2010 relates that in NRC Handelsblad article: ‘Van Rompuy: Eurozone Wordt Politieke Unie’, EU President Herman Van Rompuy stated: “the eurozone will become a political union”.

Might the political union called for by Herman Van Rompuy be the powerful Revived Roman empire presented in bible prophecy?

DontBeFooled666Blog in article The Fourth Kingdom–Iron And Clay, relates that the Beast System emerges from the fourth kingdom mentioned in Daniel Chapter, strong as iron, for iron breaks and smashes everything, Daniel 2: 40-44: “Accordingly, in the not-so-distant future, America (or the coalition of nations) will suffer a potentially fatal wound to one of its ‘heads’. Once revived, and as a result of the trauma from the near-fatal blow, it will have a different character than before.  It will be anti-God through and through.  It will dominate by strong displays of power.” 

Frank Dimora wrote in The Last Chronicles Of Planet Earth and suggests that the Eurozone has been coming forth as the final beast of iron and clay since the 1950s: Since the early beginnings of the European Union in 1957, Italy has played a major role. In 1957, six European nations met in Sicily. They all signed a treaty named the “Treaty of Rome.” The goal of the newly signed treaty was to remove trade barriers, establish a single trade policy, and coordinate transportation, agriculture, and ease the movement of capital and labor  across borders. This treaty was the birth of the revived Roman Empire that Daniel saw in the king’s dream. On January 1, 1958 the EEC was officially formed. On December 1991 the Masticate Treaty was signed by the members of the EU, (twelve at the time). Its purpose was to form a super-state with no borders and a common monetary system. The Council of the European Union would then have a (rotating president) from each member nation for a period of six months. For example, Italy’s President would become the EU President for 6 months, when his term was up France’s President would take over for 6 months and so on.”

The Apostle John had a vision of the days of which we are now living in and wrote of it in the bible prophecy of Revelation 13:1-4, where he saw a beast system rising to be sovereign from the sea of humanity integrating mankind’s seven institutions and ruling over ten world-wide regions, these being the ten regions of global governance called for by the Club of Rome in 1974.

We are living in the age of global governance: when crisis arises, leaders announce policy, that is they govern by announcement. The word, will and way of the leader or leaders becomes the law of the land.  

The socio, economic, and political landscape is completely different from it was pre European Sovereign Debt Crisis time of May 8, 2010.  Crisis arose and governance changed. At the Eurozone May 2010 Summit, The EU Finance and State Leaders announced European Economic Governance and called for Monetary Union with a federal debt agency, the EFSF, with seigniorage authority to issue eurobonds and in so doing they effected a bloodless coup where they waived national sovereignty. Sovereign nations are a principle of a bygone era.

One is no longer a citizen of a nation-state; rather one is a resident in a region of global governance. The libertarians perceive that they are sovereign individuals; yet the truth be told: the leaders of their region, both economic and political, are their sovereigns. Libertarians include: individualist anarchists, (Lysander Spooner), anarcho-capitalists (Murray Rothbard, John Locke), constitutionalists (Chuck Baldwin), fiscal libertarians (Kristin Davis), objectivists (Ayn Rand), libertarian economists (Milton Friedman), left-libertarians (Noam Chomsky), and anarcho surrealists (Andre Breton).

A catastrophe is coming out of rising sovereign debt interest rates, as well out of further global competitive currency devaluations at the hands of the currency traders, resulting in a financial market place implosion as the European Leaders met in Summit on Decmber 15, 2010 and failed to address the European Sovereign Debt and Banking System debt; it is John Mauldin relates, they kicked the can down the road.

The European Financial Institutions, EUFN, will fall quickly falling in value, taking the entire global financial system down, resulting in Götterdämmerung, an investment flame out, bringing forth a new age.

The Apostle John writing in the Book of Revelation presents a vision of today’s events: a Chancellor, that is a Sovereign, will rise to rule, Revelation 13:5-10. It might be Angela Merkel or John Redwood or Tony Blair, who will come to govern. It might even be the philosopher Herman van Rompuy who will rise to be the Federal Leader.

And  Revelation, 13:11-17,  foretells a Banker, that is a Seignior, will rise to provide credit. It might be Wolfgang Schäuble or Olli Rehn or Jean-Claude Trichet or Gordon Brown or Jose Manuel Barroso.  The Seignior will have fiscal sovereignty to control deficit spending, enforce internal country devaluations, provide a common EU Treasury for both taxation and transfer payments, assure mutual guarantees of the EU debt, and as Timothy Geithner called for, implement unified regulation of banking globally. All seigniorage, both credit and fiscal will come and go through the Seignior, who will make decisions on where money is spent. The Seignior will coordinate all aspects of economic policy, includes taxes, wages.

I foresee national sovereignty passing away throughout the world, as Leaders’ Framework Agreements establish ten regions of global governance as called for by the Club of Rome in 1974; hence people will no longer be citizens of sovereign nation states, rather residents living in a region of global government.

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