A Revived Roman Empire Is Coming Forth Not Only As A Currency Union, But Now As A Political Union … All In Fulfillment Of Bible Prophecy

Daniel 2 contains a dream given to Nebuchadnezzar and interpreted by Daniel which presents the  kingdoms that God has appointed to rule mankind.

1) Head of gold. This is Nebuchadnezzar himself, and the Babylonian empire as well.

2) Chest and arms of silver. This is the Medo-Persian empire.

3) Belly and thighs of bronze. This is the Greek empire.

4) Legs of iron. This is the Roman empire.

5) Daniel 2: 40-44: Feet of iron and clay. This is an Empire that comes forth at the end of the this age.

6) The stone cut out by no human hand is Christ. He will strike the final arrangement of iron and clay. The mountain which fills the earth is the kingdom to come, the kingdom of Christ.

Daniel 7 contains a vision given to Daniel. The four winds carry commerce and trade as well as conflict on the great sea, the Mediterranean Sea. Each of the four beasts rises out of that sea.

The Lion represents the Babylonian empire; and Nebuchadnezzar embodies the empire as its head throughout much of the book of Daniel.

The bear represents the Medo-Persian empire.

The leopard represents the Greek empire.

Daniel 7:7 The beast, with great iron teeth, represents the Roman empire; it devours the previous three empires. The Roman empire fulfilled this around the first century BC by digesting the other empire’s economies and cultures.

A revived Roman empire is coming forth today as Euro Germany, forming not only as a currency union; but now as a political union as well, as Open Europe in Press Summary for December 24, 2010 relates in NRC Handelsblad article: ‘Van Rompuy: Eurozone Wordt Politieke Unie’, that EU President Herman Van Rompuy stated: “the eurozone will become a political union”.

The ten horns on the beast of Daniel 7:7 show an outgrowth that was called for by the Club of Rome in 1974, that being global governance, specifically regional economic and political governance where formerly sovereign nations are federated, and overseen by stakeholders of bankers, corporate leaders and government officials. Of note the little horn rises up amongst them, uprooting three of the horns in its rise to power; this conveys that one region will come to rule over three others.

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