Out Of The Implosion Of The European Debt Crisis A Sovereign And Seignior Will Arise To Govern Europe

Many ask … “I’m always hearing from Christians about how the Bible has made many prophecies and they are all true. So what are some of these? Show me the Bible passage and the event that it corresponds to.”

I reply that Germany is destined to rise to power as God ordained six human kingdoms to rule mankind. The first five are found in Daniel 2:30-34.
1) First, Babylonian, Head of Gold
2) Second, Medo-Persian, Chest and Arms of Silver
3) Third, Greek, Belly and Thighs of Bronze
4) Fourth, Roman, Legs of Iron
5) Fifth, a Revived Roman Empire, the European Union, Feet of Iron And Clay.

The sixth kingdom, Revelation 13:1-4, is rising; its rule will be global. Daniel Taylor writes in Old Thinker News that global governance, that is rule by regional governors, is coming soon with an agenda provided by the Council on Foreign Relations. In the developing age of global governance Leader’s Framework agreements provide seigniorage. An example being the seigniorage aide announced for Greece in May 2010 by the European Leaders, and the fiscal agreement announced for Ireland in November 2010.

Germany and France pushed for an EU summit the week ending December 17, 2010, to approve a proposed treaty change that would allow debt-stricken euro zone states to make an orderly default, with private sector bondholders sharing losses on a case-by-case basis. However eurozone finance ministers did not agree on any new action to stop the crisis, making investors wary causing the Euro, FXE, to fall from its December 13, 2010 value of 133.42, and European shares, VGK, to fall from 49.00, and European Financial Institutions, EUFN, to fall from 21.89.

I note that the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has given “the clarion call” for a comprehensive solution to the European Financial Institution, and Sovereign Debt Symbiosis Crisis in the Telegraph article Eurozone Debt Fears Infect German Bonds: “The eurozone has to provide a comprehensive solution to this problem … The piecemeal approach, one country after another, is not a good one.

The Strauss-Kahn call for a comprehension solution has gone unanswered as Safehaven.com analyst John Mauldin relates that Europe is just kicking the can down the road.

The banks are unable to recapitalize themselves, the only capital they receive is by selling debt to the ECB. The problem is the tremendous amount of sovereign debt of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain that the banks hold on their books. Marco Shipping quotes a Bloomberg article where Sanford C. Bernstein analysts including Dirk Hoffmann-Becking said: “We expect the eurozone sovereign debt crisis to become worse before it gets better.”  French banks had the most at stake in Greece, with $83.1 billion (Dh305.235 billion) at risk, compared with German bank holdings of $65.4 billion, the data show. British banks had $187.5 billion in exposure to Ireland, while German lenders had $186.4 billion. Banks in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, had $512.7 billion at risk to Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain at the end of the second quarter, according to Basil Switzerland based Bank for International Settlements, BIS.

Gonzalo Lira relates in Tidal Forces Are Pulling Europe Apart: “In 2008, so what was a banking insolvency issue, was turned into a sovereign insolvency issue”.

Jesus spoke in Luke 21:35 of these day saying, “upon the earth distress (Strongs 4928, meaning anxiety and anguish), and of nations (perplexity Strongs 640, meaning quandary)” .

The Apostle John saw the days we are living in and wrote of it in bible prophecy of Revelation 13:1-4, where he saw a beast system rising to be sovereign from the sea of humanity integrating mankind’s seven institutions and ruling over ten world-wide regions, these being the ten regions of global governance called for by the Club of Rome in 1974. I foresee national sovereignty passing away throughout the world, as Leaders’ Framework Agreements establish ten regions of global governance as called for by the Club of Rome in 1974; hence people will no longer be citizens of sovereign nation states, rather residents living in a region of global government.

A catastrophe is coming as a result of rising European sovereign debt interest rates, and failed sovereign debt auctions, and plummeting bank stock values, as well out of further global competitive currency devaluations at the hands of the currency traders. Soon, the European Financial Institutions, EUFN, will fall quickly falling in value, taking the entire global financial system down, resulting in Götterdämmerung, an investment flame out.

Out of chaos, bible prophecy in Revelation 13:5-10 foretells a Chancellor, that is a Sovereign, such as Herman van Rompuy, Angela Merkel or John Redwood or Tony Blair, will rise to be the EU political leader.

And Revelation, 13:11-17,  foretells a Banker, that is a Seignior, such as Wolfgang Schäuble, or Olli Rehn, or Jean-Claude Trichet, or Gordon Brown or Jose Manuel Barroso, or Giulio Tremonti or Jean-Claude Juncker will rise to provide credit.

The Seignior will likely have fiscal sovereignty to control deficit spending, enforce internal country devaluations, provide a common EU Treasury for both taxation and transfer payments, assure mutual guarantees of the EU debt, and as Timothy Geithner called for, implement unified regulation of banking globally. All seigniorage, both credit and fiscal will come and go through the Seignior, who will make decisions on where money is spent. The Seignior will coordinate all aspects of economic policy, includes taxes, wages.

Suggested Reading: The Revival of the Roman Empire by Joseph Smith

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