Honda Accord Rated One Of The Ten Best Cars Of The Decade

Kiplingers reports that the Honda Accord is one of the ten best cars of the decade, relating that for most of the decade, the Accord has vied with the Toyota Camry for overall best-seller in the U.S. But Accord has outshone Camry in the Kiplinger rankings, winning four nods in the past ten years, to Camry’s two.

Due to poverty restrictions, your blog host has been carless for twelve years, yes count them … twelve years. I’ve owned many bicycles over the years, the best brand has been the Raleigh. This month, due to aging, that is getting older, I’ve given up bicycling altogether: there is an end to all things. I now walk to where I need to go, or take the local bus. My budget for transportation is $40 a month. And I bet you thought I was like wealthy!! Ha-ha, not me. I have been living in poverty for the last twelve years — my income is well under the federal poverty level, yet I write for the regard of my blog readers.   

All I’ve got is The Faith Of The Son Of God. Perhaps one might enjoy my article Gold And Silver Are Precious Financial Assets …. But The Faith Of Jesus Christ Is What Is Necessary


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