Each Of The Four Living Creatures Say, “Come And See”

The Four Living creatures are closest to the throne and communicate the sovereignty of God. In Revelation Chapter 6, each extends an invitation to “come and see” as the Lamb opens the seals.

Bible teacher Sharon Clemens relates: “Warren Wiersbe says: “In other words, events take place on earth because of the sovereign direction of God in heaven.” Nothing happens on the earth that doesn’t come directly from the throne. [Ref. Wiersbe, Be Victorious]

Each Creature announces one of the horse Seals, and their voices reverberate through heaven and earth as the steeds gallop swiftly toward their destination.

Each horse represents a global developmental shift of massive proportions that causes natural and awful consequences.”

I relate that the Sovereign of Revelation 13:5-10 will come on the world scene as a hero riding a white horse establishing order out of a soon coming economic catastrophe. He is not the Christ; rather he is an imitation of Christ. Unfortunately many will be deceived into thinking he is the savior of the world because the world is falling apart and the population cries out for someone to save it (John 5:43). The Sovereign will use “signs and lying wonders” as well as all types of “unrighteous deception”, seducing unbelievers to his evil worldview (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12).

The Sovereign comes professing peace, but brings war (the red horse following closely after him). Christ comes in wrath and destroys the enemies of God at Armageddon. Only then does He establish everlasting peace.  The Sovereign’s weapon is a bow with no arrows. He conquers through economic and political coups overthrowing both the Rule of Law and Constitutional Law via Framework Agreements. Christ’s weapon is a double-edged sword, the Word of the Lord (Revelation 19:15). The Sovereign’s crown is from the Greek stephanos, a crown awarded to a victor; whereas  Christ’s crown is diadema, “the kingly crown,” belonging only to Genuine Sovereign. 

Ms Clemens continues: “In our day, the signs of the times clearly evidence that things are getting worse and worse, not better and better. It is not yet time for Christ to usher in peace and prosperity. The world will not get better until Christ takes the throne at the end of seven years of testing. Our Lord warned that the global catastrophes coming upon the earth would increase like birth pains, getting stronger and stronger until the creation is delivered out of bondage by wrath [Matthew 24:9-22]. The Lord warned that a sign of His return would be that events would get worse and worse, building toward a cataclysmic climax! That climax is Christ breaking through the clouds of heaven in His glory light! [Matthew 24:30; Revelation 19:11-21]”

Prophecy Chat is a weekly commentary of current events in light of Bible prophecy. Sharon L. Clemens is an evangelical, premillennial, dispensational teacher of eschatology.


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