Jerusalem Will Never Be Divided, City Mayor Says

Yahoo News reports Jerusalem Will Never Be Divided, City Mayor Says: The mayor of Jerusalem, a rising star in Israeli politics, has vowed that the city would never be divided to allow the eastern side to become the capital of a future Palestinian state.

“It’s not going to happen, it’s not natural, it’s the wrong thing to do from any perspective,” mayor Nir Barkat said during a visit to New York.

Barkat also joined government rejections of international criticism of an historic east Jerusalem hotel to make way for settler homes.

UN leader Ban Ki-moon and US of State Hillary Clinton have both strongly condemned the demolition of the Shepherd’s Hotel. Ban said the action would “heighten tensions.”

But Barkat called their comments “shallow” and said they should visit Jerusalem before speaking out.

The demolition of the hotel on Sunday to make way for luxury apartments for Jewish settlers in occupied East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want as the capital of any future independent state.

“Not only for the Jewish people, but for the world, it would be a big mistake to go that route, in advance we know that there is not one example of a working model of a split city,” Barkat told a group of reporters. “Therefore it is not on the table.”

The mayor said the Shepherd’s Hotel was “owned legally, by Jewish owners, they have asked to develop the land according to the zoning code, with no extra demands or requests. They have been granted permission like they would be in any city, in any country in the world.”

Palestinians have refused to take part in direct talks with Israel since Israel ended a freeze on settlement building in the occupied territories. But Barkat argued that “Arab neighbors” could also get permits to build under Israeli law.

“Anybody trying to freeze by race — its anti-constitutional, it is double standards and it is not acceptable,” Barkat said.
A spokesman for Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas  said the demolition of the hotel had “ended any possibility of a return to (peace) negotiations.”

Barkat, an independent, has been mayor of Jerusalem for two years and has been tipped by analysts as a probable member of a future right wing government.

It was on May 21, 2009 Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, went on record saying, “A unified Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Jerusalem always has been and always will be ours and it will never again be divided.” This was followed the next day by a statement from French Foreign Ministry spokesman Frederic Desagneaux: “The international community does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the city’s status is a stumbling block in negotiations with the Palestinians, who want East Jerusalem to be the capital of their future state.”

If you know Scripture, that statement should make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, as it is a fulfillment of bible prophecy.  Through the prophet Zechariah, the Lord God spoke: ”In that day I will make Jerusalem a stumbling block for all people; all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth gather against it.” (Zechariah 12:3). Gills Exposition of the Entire Bible comments on the verse relating: “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people.The Targum renders it “a stone of offence”; at which they shall stumble and fall; but it seems to design the immovableness of the state and condition of Jerusalem, that those who attempt to remove her out of her place, or to make any alteration in her happy circumstances, will not be able to do it.”

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4)  Christians And Jews United For Israel reported that on May, 23, 2010, A crowd of 540 enthusiastic activists descended on Harvard Street in Brookline to declare their support for the one united Jerusalem. Jewish and Christian leaders took to the podium and encouraged the participants by proclaiming the right of Israel to maintain Jerusalem as her eternal undivided capital.  The event concluded with a march through the neighborhood.

5) Haaretz, reported on April 20, 2010 Lieberman: Jerusalem is our eternal capital, it will never be divided.

6) Deborah Sontag reporting New York Times May 21, 2000 summarized the problem: “Jerusalem is rarely publicly discussed by Israeli or Palestinian leaders in anything but black-and-white terms. It is the ‘eternal, undivided capital’ of Israel, on the one hand, and the future capital of the Palestinian state on the other: seemingly irreconcilable concepts that have led any intelligent politicians to recommend that the issue be left unresolved in the current, supposedly final, peace talks”.

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