The Beast System Of Revelation 13:1-4 Is Rising To Rule Mankind

The Beast of Revelation 13:1-4 is global corporatism, that is state government rule, which is currenly coming forth from waves of sovereign debt default, carry trade disinvestment,  and stock market turmoil to govern mankind.

The Beast manifests in mankind’s seven institutions: 1) Education,  2) Finance, banking, commerce, investment and trade, 3) Body Politic, 4) Military,  5) Religion,  6) Media,  7) Science & Technology.

The Beast will occupy in ten regions of global governance as called for by the Club of Rome in 1974.

Bible Study Tools provides commentary on The Beast rising out of the Sea

Spook writes about the Beast: I fought hard to hold my tongue about President Obama appointing William Daley as his chief of staff.  Daley (the former Commerce Secretary under Bill Clinton) who the New York Times labeled a “Washington outsider”, merges the art of Tammy Hall big city corruption and the  voracious greed of American multi national banking conglomerates, into a human.

William Daley not just headed JP Morgan, but also directed it’s “office of corporate responsibility”, a term of Orwellian duality suggesting charity but in reality is charged to use  any means necessary to safeguard and increase the profits for JP Morgan’s shareholders.  His appointment was less a signal but more of a strategic acquisition along side with  Timothy Geithner ( Goldman Sachs) to insure the complete rise of  the U.S. Multi National Banking Oligarchical Hegemony out of the ashes and dust of the ruined American economy.  This new era is now being being solidified by the Obama Administration.

Now, President Obama after bailing out General Electric ( G.E) to the tune of  16 billion dollars has appointed it’s CEO Jeffrey R Immelt to head President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. Jeffrey Immelt represents the way  American corporations will operate under the arm of hegemony of The United State’s Multi National American Banking Oligarchy. As G.E. CEO,  Immelt shut down 15 factories in Ohio  and sent the jobs to China. While President Obama preaches more decent wage green job growth for Americans, All of G.E’s energy efficient light bulbs are now made in China. Not only does the low wages paid to Chinese workers by G.E. increase shareholder profits, but China’s lax environmental laws are an added boom for G.E. shareholders. GE also accepted a late under bid to produce wind turbines by a Chinese company. Then G.E. canceled an agreed upon order for wind turbines to be produced by an American company, ATI Casting Service, of LaPort Indiana, after ATI spent 30 million dollars to renovate a factory in Michigan( that has the highest unemployment rate in American) to produce the turbines. Seems like the only thing being built in America these day is Frankenstein’s Bank, a Multi National American Oligarchy Bank that is not about rebuilding main street, but exploiting day to day fluctuations in the global market, to  make a select few billionaires even richer, but as we have seen is ruinous to the majority of America.

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