Israel To Build Road System To Establish Jewish Sovereignty Over East Jeruslaem

Palestine Video provides the Rana Kamal, Press TV, al-Quds report Israel To Build New Roads In East Jerusalem, al-Quds

Pressing ahead with Judaizing East Jerusalem, al-Quds, the Jerusalem Municipality reveals it will spend about 6 million dollars, to construct new roads in East Jerusalem/Al-Quds.

Palestinians are concerned that the project will mean more land confiscation for them in East Jerusalem/Al-Quds. The Jerusalem Municipality says these plans are intended to enforce the Jewish Majority over Eastern Jerusalem/Al-Quds. Palestinians say this is a greater plan Israel is conducting in order to remove all Arabs from East Jerusalem/Al-Quds.

The Deputy to the Jerusalem Governor, Abdullah Siyam, says Israel’s plan is to connect these roads to the many Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem/Al-Quds in order to further move in on occupied Palestinian land.

Israeli officials have been quoted as saying the construction of new roads reflects ‘Jewish sovereignty on the east of the holy city’.

Land is very limited in East Jerusalem/, al-Quds for the 250,000 Palestinians who live in crowded neighborhoods. Israel makes it nearly impossible to build and expand on their own land. But in this Jewish settlement, the French Hill in East Jerusalem,/Al-Quds Israel continues to build more units and roads on Palestinian land.

There are at least 242 Israeli settlements in the West bank and nearly 30 in East al-Quds. The settlements are illegal under international law. Since September last year when a 10-month freeze on settlement building ran out, there has been a sharp rise in construction work.

Meanwhile, Jerusalem-al-quds planning and construction committee has suspended a plan to build 1,400 housing units in Gilo neighborhood following a global outcry and condemnation.

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