Mrs. Merkel Wants More Economic Integration And Greater Economic Governance

Robert Wenzel of EconomicPolicy Journal relates Angela Merkel Calls For A One World Europe. Referencing the CNBC coverage of the NYT article Merkel, In Reversal, Urges Rescue Of Euro, Robert Wenzel relates: “In a remarkable about-face, Merkel now wants more economic integration in the euro zone, including regular meetings of its leaders. What will this mean for the average person in the EuroZone? Get a load of this: When they meet in Brussels on Friday, the 27 heads of government will hear new ideas on how to save the euro, delivered by Mrs. Merkel and the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, but written largely in Berlin. In exchange for bolstering the euro zone rescue fund, Mrs. Merkel will press others to mimic Germany’s economic rise. She is proposing to coordinate retirement ages across countries, scrap any links between wages and inflation and bring corporate tax systems closer together.” … “That’s one big step for a One World Europe”.

Such a development does not come as a surprise to me, as two German leaders, have implored for global government, Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Trichet; these have received the much coveted Charlemagne’s Prize for strengthening the Union and now shepherding the Euro through a time of sovereign crisis  

In the Bible prophecy section of my blog, I’ve written article after article on the subject of a One World Europe. Here is just a small sampling of titles:  A United States Of Europe Is Emerging … Once Established It Will Be A Fulfilment Of Bible Prophecy … and I also wrote Bible Prophecy Foretells A Powerful And Charismatic Individual Will Emerge As Europe’s Leader  … and I also wrote The God Of Heaven Will Replace The Revived Roman Empire With A Kingdom Which Shall Never Be Destroyed.

John Palmer writing relates in article EU On The Brink ? Of Integration that a euro area economic government could soon become a reality:  “Quite suddenly the prevailing wisdom is that, far from disintegrating, the euro area may be on the brink of much closer integration. The meeting is really a dress rehearsal for the decisive summit being held in Brussels next month. Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and the other EU chiefs will sound out the parameters of a breakthrough deal which could take the euro area at the heart of the EU towards a de facto economic government.  Merkel dropped heavy hints that failure to get a grip at the highest level of euro area governments could put the entire “European project” at risk.But in recent weeks both the EU institutions and the key EU governments have made it clear that they “will do whatever is necessary” to protect the euro. They are now poised to sanction further economic and political integration for the euro area in the weeks ahead. The French and German governments initially sought to limit EU support for the stricken Greeks and Irish to high interest rate assistance to deal with the immediate liquidity crisis generated by the collapse of the banks.But they began to change their tune when they counted the cost to their own banks and to their export-oriented economies of permitting a euro area liquidity crisis to turn into a full-blown euro area sovereign state solvency crisis. Merkel now seems ready to defy her own rightwing anti-bailout hardliners and accept that Germany will stand substantially behind future financial assistance to weaker euro area economies.”


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