At The Upcoming Leaders Summit On European Economic Governance, Many Look To Germany For Leadership

The Trumpet relates that the eyes of many were focused on Germany at the World Economic Forum  held at Davos; the  comments relate quite well to the upcoming European Leaders Summit on Economic Governance in Brussels scheduled for March 2011.

With Germany’s economy demonstrating a strength equivalent to pre-unification boom times, it is to this nation that business leaders and bankers at Davos will be looking to take the lead in restructuring Europe to recover from recession and, in particular, limit any negative effect of the euro crisis on the global economy.

Thus it is that Germany will be inevitably spotlighted over the next two weeks in discussions at these three important conferences. What will be interesting to watch for, in each case, will be any moves that result from these high-powered forums which further the agenda of those elites who seek the restoration of imperial power in Europe. For, as journalist Peter Osborne has commented, “the ultimate objective of the EU is otherwise more or less familiar to students of European empires: no internal boundaries; a single currency; one parliament; one central government; one army; one foreign policy and a single political unit stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals” (Telegraph, January 13).

He is speaking, of course, of a movement to revive the old Holy Roman Empire, stimulated by the Romans, Franks and the Germans, which dates back over 1,200 years. Osborne states the history thus: “Since the coronation of Charlemagne as holy Roman emperor in a.d. 800, there have been numerous attempts to unify Europe. Philip ii of Spain, Louis xiv, Napoleon and Hitler all came tantalizingly close to success, but all ultimately failed. Today a fifth attempt is under way through the European Union.”

Well, he’s close, but the history is not quite accurate. There have in fact been six attempts at resurrecting the Holy Roman Empire dating back to Justinian in a.d. 554. The current effort is in fact the seventh, and it will be the last according to inerrant Bible prophecy which forecast all seven (see our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire).

Decisions taken in Brussels, Munich and Davos over the next two weeks are destined to provide further grist for the mill for those who work to grind down the masses by the undemocratic imposition of the will of elites in Brussels, Berlin and Rome to further their imperialist agenda. The agenda to bring to a reality the seventh and final resurrection of that cruel old Holy Roman Empire.

Tune in to the Key of David television program, downloadable from this website, to follow the progress of the final rise of this ancient entity in modern form, and to view the hope for all humankind that lies beyond it.


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