A Revived Roman Empire Is Rising To Rule Europe And Eventually The World, Bible Prophecy Reveals

Don Jamison writes on the fulfillment of bible propehcy of Daniel 2:31-45: “Our scripture today is about a dream, actually a number of dreams. Some of these dreams came to Nebuchadnezzar and many of them came to Daniel. Some theologians argue that they are historical at this point while the majority of scholars understand them to be futuristic.

In other words, they are yet to be fulfilled and their opinion is based on a simple biblical principle. When God speaks prophecy, the words are fulfilled in the absolute. When we look at the prophecies of Jesus, we see that the prophecies concerning his human walk in this world are fulfilled literally. We must look at the standard God holds a biblical prophet to. To be a biblical prophet, your message happens just as God says it will happen.

Before we get deep into Daniel this morning let us explore a word about prophecy. God has placed prophecy in the Bible and in our hearts for a reason. That reason is so that we can know what God’s plan is. And once we learn what God’s plan is we become participants in that plan. The prophecy of Jesus coming as Messiah placed a nation, the nation of Israel on high alert and yet they missed him when he came because they were not listening to the message but to their own hearts desire. And so the message is that we listen to prophecy and ask God for wisdom, leadership and understanding. We also know that when it comes to the second coming of Jesus, we know that Jesus himself told us that no person will know the hour or the day of his coming. So hearing messages of prophecy should not bring fear in our hearts, even if we suspect that they are being fulfilled in our own lifetimes. Actually we should be rejoicing in the knowledge that we may have the opportunity to see Christ come in the clouds and be taken up into heaven. Unless of course you are so tied to the physical world that you would rather stay here than be in paradise! But hear this as well. If we ignore the prophecy and signs of God, we run the risk of repeating the failure of the Hebrew people of not being ready when Christ comes and not participating in God’s plan. 

We know the stories of Daniel and the lions. Nebuchadnezzar puts Daniel’s God to test by placing him in the lion pit because Daniel would not bow down and worship the Babylonian Gods, including their king and emperor himself. God stayed the lions from killing Daniel showing the power of God. Then Nebuchadnezzar has two dreams. The first he shares with no one but demands that his Magi explain it to him. But they cannot, since they do not know the dream nor have the wisdom to explain. But God gives Daniel the dream and the explanation as well as the second dream that closely resembles the first in understanding. Theologians have debated this dream for generations.

Is it the past or a dream about our future? In order to understand the answer we must explore the dream itself and Daniels interpretation. Our scripture has presented the dream. Daniel’s explanation is easier from our standpoint because we have history to validate what Daniel saw. We are faced with a terrifying figure of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron and Iron and Clay. Daniel starts by telling Nebuchadnezzar that his kingdom is the kingdom of gold. The Babylonian Empire lasted over 900 years from approximately 1700 BC (Before Christ) to 728 BC.

Following the Babylonian Empire there were actually two empires that historians link into one, called the Mede Persian Empire. The Mede Persian Empires were not as strong, nor as large as the Babylonian Empire, so Daniel’s prophecy that it would be inferior was true. It lasted only 400 years from 728 BC to 330 BC.
And following the Mede Persian Empire a young man called Alexander the Great began his conquest that allowed a great civilization to come into being. I say great because remnants of the Greek Empire still are around today in art, science and architecture.  Alexander the Great, a Greek, conquered all the world from Greece to Asia and his empire lasted from 330 BC to 146 BC. What is interesting is that historians point to the fact that for every marble statue in ancient Greece, there were at least two that were Bronze. The Greeks used Bronze for everything, weaponry, statues, wheeled chariots, etc.
The next empire that Daniel tells about is the Kingdom of Iron. No other Empire in the history of the world lasted as long as this one. And in fact, many historians would agree that this Empire still exists in today’s world in several ways. I’m talking about the Roman Empire. It lasted from around 146 BC to 1453 AD (After Death). That is more than 1500 years. And this empire ruled over the entire civilized world of the day except for Asia and America. All of what is now present day Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa were part of the Roman Empire. And when we view pictures and read the history of the Roman Empire we will see and hear the use of iron describing this kingdom. Terms like the “iron might” of Rome and the iron conquest of neighboring nations.
And then there will be a fifth kingdom. What is interesting is that the iron kingdom is part of this fifth kingdom. Currently we have no historical reference for such a kingdom, nor is there such a kingdom today that we are aware of. In other words, if we follow the accuracy of Daniel’s prophecy, four kingdoms have come and gone, but the fifth is yet to come. What is interesting is that in every democratic country in the world, we owe our form of government to the Roman Empire. And the Roman Catholic Church, the state church of the Roman Empire is still alive and well and integrated in world politics at every stage. So what is this fifth kingdom? A Kingdom that we are told will be crushed by God in the end. I for one am not sure what this kingdom is. We just know that no kingdom in history fits this last kingdom as we believe that it is a kingdom to come.
But I would like to share some interesting facts about the European Union. Formed in 1957 by a treaty that just happened to be signed in Rome, this union of countries now totals 27, soon to be 35 with the inclusion of Turkey and Serbia among others. The EU as it is called has its own flag with twelve stars. The former secretary general says the stars represent the woman of the Apocalypse. It has a symbol utilizing the Tower of Babel with the words, “many tongues, one voice.” And it has its own government and its own currency and military. One of the requirements of entry is that the local country government gives up its authority to the EU when they join. Currently every country of Europe is a part of the EU. Why this is significant is that these countries made up the original Roman Empire before its conquest of the Middle East and North Africa. As of January 1st of this year, with the exception of two countries, Austria and Germany, you no longer need to change citizenship or apply as an alien if you move between countries of the EU. Every person of every member state is a citizen of the EU. In a word, the EU is now becoming one nation rather than a collection of nations. One nation of member states that used to be the one nation called the Roman Empire with the exception of the Middle East and North Africa. Is this the last kingdom of Daniel’s dream? Is this the Kingdom that Jesus will eventually destroy?”

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