A United States Of Europe Will Soon Be A Reality

Team Europe relates that European federalist Romano Prodi, EU Commission President said on October 13, 1999:  “We must now face the difficult task of moving towards a single economy, a single political entity .. For the first time since the fall of the Roman Empire we have the opportunity to unite Europe.”

A political and economic unified Europe, a United States of Europe, will soon be a reality. It will very much be a revived Roman Empire, in as much as the German people, an many others are descendants of those living in the previous world wide Roman Empire, and in as much as two European leaders Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Trichet have received the much coveted Charlemagne Prize. The emergence of this supra-state will be a fulfillment of bible prophecy of Daniel 2:29-42.

Bible Prophecy of Revelation 13:3 reveals that out of Götterdämmerung, that is an investment flameout, caused by the European Sovereign Debt and Bank Debt imbroglio, a Chancellor, that is a Sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10, and a Banker, that is a Seignior, Revelation 13:11-18, will arise to provider order and moneyness.

I have written extensively on the subject of the emergence of European economic governance and a federal Europe. Articles include A Seignior Will Arise To Provide Seigniorage … and … Bible Prophecy Foretells A Powerful And Charismatic Individual Will Emerge As Europe’s Leader.

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