666 And Its Significance As The Number Of The Beast

As time forges ahead and more and more bible prophecy is unfolding in the news, the number 666 becomes especially important. It is the number of the beast.

The number 666 is rooted in the world of end-time prophecy as it is associated with the Sovereign, and is referred to as the mark of the beast Revelation,13:16-18.

This number will form the cornerstone of the Sovereign’s system of world governance, will constitute a sacrament, that is an external sign of an inner identity and experience, and will be the key in providing seigniorage for all economic activity. The Sovereign will use this system to set his house in order and to ensure complete and authoritarian control.

Those who reject it are vile in the eyes of God and will be at the receiving end of His eternal wrath as seen in Revelation 14:9-13 and Revelation 16:2.

The issue of the mark of the beast came to the forefront beginning in the 1990s with news of an implanted computer chip. CNN in August, 28,1998 article, “Cyberfuturist plants chip in arm to test human-computer interaction” reported an experiment undertaken by a professor at the University of Reading in England, to assess how humans and computers might be able to continually interact with each other without the need or use for keyboards and other input devices. A silicon chip transponder, about an inch long and one-tenth of an inch wide, was implanted into Professor Kevin Warwicks’ arm which integrated him into his building’s computer network. Professor Kevin Warwick envisions a world in which humans communicate directly with computers without extraneous input devices such as mice and keyboards, and a world in which humans network continually with computers.

And CNN a report dated June, 9, 2004, entitled, “Technology gets under clubbers’ skin”, reveals how a few regular customers at a club in Spain have had micro-chips implanted in their skin as part of a scheme to pay for drinks at the club without having to carry cash or credit cards.

The two accounts mentioned above communicate how the mark of the Sovereign will soon be a very real and stark reality.

The mark as identified in scripture will be an etching into the skin. It will be a part of personalized cashless payment system integrated into a global currency system, that will be required by all in order to conduct commerce as David Deschesne Editor,  relates in article, A Mark in the Right Hand or in their Forehead, Fort Fairfield Journal, July 6, 2005, in his explanation of Revelation Chapter 13:16-17.


2 Responses to “666 And Its Significance As The Number Of The Beast”

  1. Kenneth Acushla Says:

    Charagma is actually means ETCHING, not mark. It has nothing to do with microchips. It is a permanent ETCHING on the skin of the forehead or hand and it cannot be removed.

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