We Are Living In The Last Days Of The Iron And Feet Kingdom

In the news this week, Christopher Emsden and William Horobin of the Dow Jones Newswires in WSJ report Draghi Urges Tighter Fiscal Rules, Monetary Policy; and Bernard Condon of the Associated Press reports Euronext, the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company, said it will be acquired by Germany’s Deutsche Boerse to form the world’s largest stock exchange operator.

John Whitney Rood, of Brussels, Belgium, in blog article The Coming European 10-Nation Confederation writes in fulfillment of bible prophecy of Daniel 2:40-44, Daniel 7:7, and Daniel Dan 7:23-24, that we are living in the Days of the Iron and Clay Feet Kingdom.

He envisions that totalitarian global economic governance is coming out of Europe, specifically out of Germany. And that the Sovereign’s and the Seignior’s base of power for world leadership will be established in a Euro German empire. And that their world leadership equivalent to that of Charlemagne in the former Roman world empire. The EU will very much be an extension of the ancient Roman Empire.

Endtime Message Ministry in article Progression of Kingdoms  focuses on the apocalyptic chapters of Daniel and Revelation which reveals God’s intentions for this the End Time. Daniel’s prophecy begins with the dream of king Neuchadnezzar of a great image, which outlined the future history of the world; specifically the developmentt of kingdoms and the fulfillment of each prophecy to the very end of time.

And Vision.org provides details on the Final False Messiah

My thoughts are that Germany was appointed by God to be an economic and banking supearstar which would be the base of operations for the Sovereign and the Seignior. Andy Chiok in Shares Investment article London Bridge Is Falling Down – A Look At Eurozone’s Debt Issues details Germany’s strength and leadership not only in Europe but also in the world.


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