Unlike Many I Am Not A Peddler Of Liberty

I am not a Libertarian, I do not consider my self to be a sovereign individual; rather I consider my self to be one of Him The Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ.

It is only faith in him, that makes one free. He sets one free from the slavery of sin, that is doubt. When one calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for life, one is set free from sin and death.

Unlike many blog authors, especially the Austrian Economists, I do not peddle liberty. And unlike so many so called Christian ministers, I do not ask for donations. And unlike some tea party talk show hosts, I have not received even a penny from wealthy oil industry business leaders for their so called proclamations of liberty. 

Yes, many get have gotten thousands of dollars by placing ads for books linking to Amazon in the left hand side of their blog.

What has this world come to?

Those who have accepted money while proclaiming themselves to be champions of liberty show just how corrupt their morals are.

I have come to the conclusion that the afore-mentioned individuals have no idea what true liberty is.


3 Responses to “Unlike Many I Am Not A Peddler Of Liberty”

  1. James Says:

    You are right brother.

  2. LibertyIn2010 Says:

    Hi, Yen Guy
    I couldn’t help but notice a change in your postings (and lack of) since the devestating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in Japan.
    I just wanted to encourage you to continue to write and provide your unique insight into world events as they relate to scripture. Many people are trying to figure out what’s real in our world and what’s false. I believe you to be one of the best at helping keep the focus on what’s important and what really matters most. Most people can’t comprehend the amount of disinformation and corruption that is distributed by the government, mainstream media, etc. in order for them to maintain “control” over our society.
    Thanks for your hard work and wisdom and please keep it up!
    God Bless You.

    • theyenguy Says:


      Thanks for your comments. It’s nice to know there are others who are interested and aware that bible propheyc is being fulfilled in today’s news. I posted an article today; but probably will be posting fewer as my physical health is failing. Best to you. Theyenguy

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