Stocks Rise To New High As Fed Signals It Is In No Hurry To End Quantitative Easing 2

Financial Market Report For April 26, 2011

Stocks soared to new highs as the Federal Reserve kicked off a two-day meeting on Tuesday that will probably show that it is in no hurry to scale back purchases of Treasuries.

Stocks rising today included
Water, FIW 2.3
Small Cap Industrial, PSCI 2.2
Semiconductor, XSD 2.0
Transportation, IYT 1.9
Wood And Paper Production, WOOD 1.8
Small Cap Health, PSCH 1.7
Industrial, IYJ 1.7
Small Cap Value, RZV 1.5
Small Cap Technology, PSCT 1.5
Biotechnology, IBB 1.5
Apple Phone Ecosystem, FONE 1.5
Enviornmental, EVX 1.5
Small Cap Growth, RZG 1.4
Telecommunications, VOX 1.4
Small Cap Revenue, RWJ 1.4
Regional Banks, KRE 1.3
Biotechnology, XBI 1.2
Small Cap Consumer Discretionary, PSCD 1.2

Utilities, XLU rose 0.8, on falling interest rates, $TNX, and a rising Euro, FXE.

Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index, $CYC, 1.4
S&P, SPY, 0.8
Dow, DIA, 0.9
Russell 2000 Growth, IWO, 0.7
Morningstar Mid Growth, JHK, 0.4

Currencies rising strongly today included
New Zealand Dollar, BNZ, causing New Zealand, ENZL, to rise
South African Rand, SZR, causing South Africa, EZA, to rise
New Zealand Dollar, FXA, causing the Australian Small Caps, KROO, and Australia, EWA, to rise
Swiss Franc, FXF, causing Switzerland, EWL, to rise
Mexico Peso, FXM, causing  Mexico, EWW, to rise  
The Euro, FXE, causing Europe, VGK, to rise.

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