Bible Prophecy Reveals That A President Of The Eurozone Will Soon Rise To Rule Europe

One may want to consider that bible prophecy Daniel 2:41-43, and Revelation 13:1-4, which reveals that ten regions global governance will form, and that Revelation 13:5-10 foretells a President of the EU, will come forth as a New Charlemagne, to rule a Revived Roman Empire, and eventually rise rule the world. Also, Revelation 13:11-18, reveals that the Sovereign will be accompanied by an adept banker, The Seignior, who will eventually provide Global Seigniorage.

In the first week in August, investors panicked when they became Italy’s banks are insolvent, and that Italy is eventually going to default and that a European default union has formed, Italy, traded by EWI, fell  10%.  Italian stocks are now down 21% ytd,  and are down 29% from their February 17th 52-week high. Germany, EWG,  traded 12%, lower Austria, EWO, -11%,, France, EWQ, -9%, and the European Financials, EUFN, -9%.  Financial Times reports Resource Stocks Take Market’s Full Impact which included Copper Miners, COPX, Small Cap Energy, PSCE, and Coal, KOL, all falling 17%. This induced a global currency sell off, and commenced commenced competitive currency deflation, putting the nail in the coffin to the Milton Friedman Free to choose floating currency regime; currencies will now be sinking, not floating.

Mr. Friedman’s regime, known as neoliberalism is now dying; it was characterized by leverage coming through securitization of sovereign, GSE, and junk debt by Wall Street and Mortgage RETS such as Annaly Capital Management, NLY, as well as carry trade investing, which created a plastic prosperity. In general, democracy flourished and was supported by respect for the rule of law, as well as constitutional law.

A new regime, known as neoauthoritarianism, with ten regions of global governance was called for by the Club of Rome in 1974, This regime, will see sovereign leaders meeting in summits and work groups, to announce regional framework agreements, which waive national sovereignty and provide accords for regional economic governance and  competitiveness which will produce austerity  In Europe, as nations lost debt sovereignty through the actions of bond vigilantes, Leaders announced at the insistence of Nicholas Sarkozy, greater powers for EFSF, empowering it as a European Monetary Fund, a European Treasury, which creating a debt union.    

Bible prophecy of Revelation 13:3 reveals that soon of Götterdämmerung, that is a clash of the gods, specifically the bond vigilantes and the government leaders, a global economic collapse is going to occur, as the head of mankind’s most important institution, that being economic, investment, trade and banking will suffer a mortal wound, that is a stroke.
Out of chaos, a powerful leader will emerge in the Eurozone, This New Charlemagne, will establish a type of revived Roman Empire, that is a Federal and Fiscal Union, where fiscal authority will reside at the core with leadership coming from Germany and France, and not at the periphery, that is the PIIGS.  The Sovereign, will be accompanied by a banker, The Seignior, whose authority will come from regional framework agreements that waive national sovereignty. The word, will and way of these two will be the law of the land.  Leading candidates for the soon to emerge Sovereign, the President of the EU, that is, the President of the Eurozone, are Herman Van Rompuy and Jean Claude Trichet, and Olli Rehn.

Former citizens of sovereign nation states will be residents living in a region of global governance, as called for repeatedly call for by Mr.Jean Claude Trichet, president of the ECB, while speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations.  All living in Europe will be one, living as debt serfs, in debt servitude, under a One Euro Government, where fiscal authority comes from the core, that is Germany and France and not at the periphery, that is the PIIGS.  

Revelation 13:4 reveals that when the people see the governance and  recovery provided by sovereignty and seigniorage, of the Beast Regime, they will marvel, and follow after it, giving their allegiance to it. There will be no sovereign individuals as perceived by the anarcho capitalists, such as those at the Mises Institute; but rather only sovereign leaders. There is neither liberty nor choice, there is only fate. Liberty and choice is a mirage in the Neoauthoritarian Desert of The Real.  

Revelation 13:1-4 reveals that the destiny of mankind is for the Beast Regime of Neoauthoritarianism to enforce debt servitude globally, and to rule in all of mankind’s seven institutions, and govern in ten regions of global government through state corporatism. An example of this statism is the Ryan Rahilly, WSWS.  report that Private companies will begin managing care for most recipients of Medicaid by October 1, 2011. Yet this ten toed kingdom, seen in Daniel 2:41-43, an amalgamation of iron diktat and clay democracy cannot, and will not endure. Eventually, the Sovereign, will establish a One World Government, with the Seignior, establishing universal regulation of banking globally, as well as Global Seigniorage.

The US, Canada, and Mexico, will be ruled as one, by stakeholders, appointed from government and industry. The North American Continent will be one of the ten regions of global government; the groundwork having been laid by Martin, Fox and Bush when they met at Baylor University and announced the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America on March 23, 2005; and by Obama and Harper as they met for the Security Perimeter Talks in February 2011.  Paul Craig Roberts writing in Global Research documentsThe Decline and Fall of the American Empire.


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