Michele Bachmann Believes In Christian Zionism

I am a Hebrew, that is one from the other side. I am not a Zionist nor a Christian Zionist, yet I am writing to relate Michele Bachmann embraces the doctrine of Christian Zionism.

Kevin McDonald Michele Bachmann Loves Israel

Trevsb Israel and Bachmann’s Misguided Christian Zionism

Charles E Carlson Michele Bachmann’s Christian Zionism

Rack Jite Bill Moyers: Dispensationalism, Hagee, the Coming war With Iran and Armageddon. Bll Moyers Journal this week on PBS scared my pants off. It’s a look into the organization Christians United for Israel, CUFI, led by Pastor John C. Hagee. In short it is a universal call to all Christians to help factions in Israel fund the Jewish settlements, throw out all the Palestinians and lobby for a pre-emptive invasion of Iran. All to bring Russia into a war against us causing World War III followed by Armageddon, the Second Coming and The Rapture so these Evangelicalfascists can go to Heaven in their lifetime. The wholesale thirsty enjoyable murder of 7 billion people. And of course the Jews who now support them will all go to Hell. And they call Muslims crazy murdering fascists? This all revolves around what is called Dispensationalism. We live in the Sixth Dispensation with the Seventh being what is often called the Millennium or the End Times.

I do not believe in Rapture doctrine, I believe One Should Watch And Pray Always as God Is Setting The Stage For World Wide Government. Perhaps one might enjoy my article Is There A Rapture For God’s People?


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