Amnesty By Presidential Fiat Defines Neoauthoritariansim In The US … Team Obama Stops The Deportation Of The Only Voters It Has Left!

1) … Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, writes Obama Gives in to His Fascist Side, Grants Amnesty by Decree ….. Bowing to pressure from immigrant rights activists, the Obama administration said Thursday that it will halt deportation proceedings on a case-by-case basis against illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria, such as attending school, having family in the military or having primary responsible for other family members’ care.

The move marks a major step for President Obama, who for months has said he does not have categorical authority to halt deportations and said he must follow the laws as Congress has written them.
But in letters to Congress on Thursday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said she does have discretion to focus on “priorities” and that her department and the Justice Department will review all ongoing cases to see who meets the new criteria.

“This case-by-case approach will enhance public safety,” she said. “Immigration judges will be able to more swiftly adjudicate high-priority cases, such as those involving convicted felons.”
The move won immediate praise from Hispanic activists and Democrats who had strenuously argued with the administration that it did have authority to take these actions, and said as long as Congress is deadlocked on the issue, it was up to Mr. Obama to act.

“Today’s announcement shows that this president is willing to put muscle behind his words and to use his power to intervene when the lives of good people are being ruined by bad laws,” said Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat, who has taken a leadership role on the issue since the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in 2009.

The new rules apply to those who have been apprehended and are in deportation proceedings, but have not been officially ordered out of the country by a judge.
Ms. Napolitano said a working group will try to come up with “guidance on how to provide for appropriate discretionary consideration” for “compelling cases” in instances where someone already has been ordered deported.

Administration officials made the announcement just before Mr. Obama left for a long vacation out of Washington, and as members of Congress are back in their home districts.
The top House Republican on the Judiciary Committee said the move is part of a White House plan “to grant backdoor amnesty to illegal immigrants.”

“The Obama administration should enforce immigration laws, not look for ways to ignore them,” said Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican. “The Obama administration should not pick and choose which laws to enforce. Administration officials should remember the oath of office they took to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land.”

2) … Peter Andrew of Conservative America reports on Obama’s Broke Promises ….. Obama’s Broken Promises President Obama is himself a broken promise. The love affair Americans had with the idea of the beautiful racial harmony we would get if we elected a half-black man to the White House has been ruined by the reality that President Obama means nothing that he says and intends to keep none of his promises. helps you keep track of all of the Obama Broken Promises with this Official list of 2,302 (so far) Team Obama Lies, Broken Promises, Flip-Flops, Gaffes & Scandals!

2302 Team Obama Stops the Deportation of the only Voters it Has Left! 8/19/11 The White House is in full panic mode along with the Obama 2012 team! Realizing they are losing votes faster than they can count them, they announced yesterday Team Obama will now personally review more than 300,000 deportation orders before anyone is allowed to be deported!! That way his reelection campaign can count on at least some of those illegals still being here to cast illegal votes for his own butt’s reelection! This man is a disgrace to the Office of the Presidency. He’s grasping at straws and is making a fool of himself (see next item).

2301 Obama Flip Flops on Skipping Congress to Enact his “Dream” Act!  8/19/11 President Barack Obama could not get his way in congress. He wanted to pass his “Dream” Act to make certain illegals would be here to vote (illegally) for him in 2012. Congress said no way. Initially, he said that he would just have to accept that conclusion. From CNN less than one month ago: “America’s immigration system is broken, but only a bipartisan political movement can fix it, President Barack Obama said Monday. “The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting, I promise you, not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions,” Obama told the National Council of La Raza.” – points out that was then though, and this is now. Like others have said, this Obama comment also had an expiration date! Yesterday he had his cronies go ahead and enact a major part of his DREAM act even without congressional approval!! Certainly it is fair for us to agree with Obama and point out “But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions!!” The truth is he doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about how our democracy functions. He just wants to get his way.


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