Parents Should Develop Education Plans To Help Their Children Attain Personal Accountability By The Sixth Grade

According to the NYT “Mr. Perry issued an executive order in 2007 requiring that all girls entering the sixth grade be vaccinated against strains of the human papilloma virus that cause 70 percent of all cases of cervical cancer and 90 percent of all cases of genital warts. The HPV vaccines are most effective if given at that early age, when they produce the best immune response and can work before a girl becomes sexually active. His order allowed parents to opt out for reasons of conscience or to preserve parental rights. But conservatives complained about governmental overreach and charged that it would encourage girls to become promiscuous. The Legislature overturned his order.”

I’ve observed that children are becoming accountable earlier and earlier.  The other day I saw, a white middle class girl age ten using the self checkout at Krogers; her mother came along to supervise the transaction. I have to ask where was dad?  I thought this was a great thing to help the child become economically aware.

Fortunate are those who will have reached accountability, and can come to a decision to accept or reject the sovereign’s mark. Bible prophecy of Revelation 13:17-18, foretells that when currencies collapse, a new worldwide credit system will be installed. One will either be executed or accept the beast’s seigniorage system consisting of the charagma, or mark, which will be required to conduct commercial activity. It will be a beautiful thing for a young person to say no to the sovereign’s demand.


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