48205 Is Detroit’s High Crime Neighborhood … It’s Also Home To The largest Share Of Poor People And It’s Now Targeted For The Brunt Of Welfare Benefit Cuts

The Detroit News reports that The most dangerous neighborhood in America is most likely Detroit MI, 48205. At least 38 people were shot and eight died from the first day of summer, June 21, to Aug. 21, in the 48205 ZIP code, a 6.5-square-mile slice of the city north of Coleman A. Young International Airport roughly bordered by Eight Mile, Hoover, Conner and Kelly.  Gangs have caused big problems at Osborn High School on Seven Mile and Hoover, according to an April report from Mayor Dave Bing’s office.

And on September 30, 2011 The Detroit News reported Roughly 1 in 10 children in parts of Detroit and Flint will lose welfare benefits Saturday, when cash benefits for families who’ve been on welfare 48 months or longer are cut off. Although nearly 41,000 people statewide will lose payments averaging $515 a month, the brunt of the impact will be felt in two of the poorest cities in the state, with Detroit accounting for more than half of those losing benefits, according to ZIP code records obtained by The Detroit News through a Freedom of Information request.

The results show high concentrations in neighborhoods deeply afflicted with blight, crime and poverty. In Detroit’s 48205 ZIP code, a roughly five-square-mile section of the northeastern part of the city, nearly 2,000 adults and 1,500 children will be cut off, the Detroit News reports.  “I think it’s tragic,” said state Sen. Bert Johnson, D-Highland Park, whose district includes the 48205 ZIP code. “You can’t have high violence and crime and poverty and expect that Detroit’s going to be able to compete in its comeback.”

For Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, the news that more than 21,000 Detroiters will lose their benefits comes at a particularly troubling time. “It gives us cause for great concern,” he said.  Godbee said he fears the cutoff could lead to increased crime as he announced Thursday stepped-up enforcement measures in the 48205 ZIP code, recently identified by a Detroit News analysis as the deadliest area in the city.

Did you know that not only did God create each one of us, but He put us in this world in these times and in a particular place of His choosing? None of this is by chance or error. We may not be happy about God’s choice of timing or place, but nevertheless we are appointed to live where we reside. Yes, Bible scripture reveals in Acts 17:26, that God ordains the times and places where one should live.

Suggested reading: Debra Watshon writes in WSWS article Michigan child poverty surges. Nearly one in four Michigan children now officially live in poverty, and half are poor in Detroit.


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