PositiveID Receives VeriChip Order For Israel Military

The Apostle John recorded his dream of end time events in The Revelation of Jesus Christ, warning of those things which must shortly come to pass meaning that once when they begin, they will rapidly fall in place, like a line of dominoes falling one upon another.  His words are honored as bible prophecy by many, who watch and pray always, that they might be accounted worthy to escape all the things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man

RFID News Reports PositiveID Receives VeriChip Order For Israel Military. Some will take a mark for identification, unfortunately, others will take the mark in order to buy or sell.

The bible word mark comes from the Greek word charagma meaning “etching in”, or “tattoo upon”, or “stamp”, or “badge of servitude”, which enables one to conduct economic activity, and which authorizes one to receive economic benefits; the mark will be required in order to buy or sell writes David Deschesne, Editor, A Mark in the Right Hand or in their Forehead, Fort Fairfield Journal, July 6, 2005 in his explanation of Revelation 13:14-18.


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