Sovereignty Comes By Appointment

Sovereignty comes by appointment. Rulership, that is leadership, comes via the divine selection of God. His choice of placing one over the other was a determination made in eternity past without regard for the individual’s merits or capabilities. His selection was based upon his wisdom, mercy and favor.

Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy are sovereigns; they now have sovereign authority; it came by coup. In August 2011, they called for “true European economic government”. They are effecting a European coup by exercising their sovereign authority in a EU ECB and IMF Troika by sending an fiscal inspections team to Italy. In as much as Italy has lost its debt sovereignty when its interest rate surpassed six percent, Italy lost its national sovereignty. Italy will have to look to EU ECB and IMF leadership, that is EU ECB and IMF diktat, and their sovereign authority for seigniorage, that is moneyness, as well as a resource for their fiscal spending. Soon EU leaders will meet in summit, waive all national sovereignty by announcing regional framework agreements, establish a fiscal union, a common treasury, and empower the ECB as a bank. Austerity measures, structural reforms, pension overhauls, bank nationalizations, and debt servitude will be de rigueur.

Milton Friedman established the prior economic paradigm, where one was free to choose. The regime was Neoliberalism, and was underwritten national sovereignty and provided the “seigniorage of freedom”, consisting of floating currencies, ponzi financing of all types, such as the China shadow lending on collateralized commodities scheme, carry trade lending by the Bank of Japan and banks in Austria, and Federal Reserve credit liquidity, ZIRP, and quantitative easing I, and II.  Fiscal spending and economic growth came through the securitization of GSE and treasury debt by sovereign governments.

Angela Merkel is working through the 1974 Clarion Call of the Club of Rome to establish the new economic paradigm, where sovereign leaders and bodies rule via diktat. The regime is Neoauthoritarianism, and is underwritten sovereign leaders providing  the “seigniorage of diktat”, that is the moneyness of diktat.  Now state insolvency and bank insolvency is emerging and some suggest that the only real solution is bankruptcy for the governments that can’t pay their debt. Fiscal spending will come out of a diktat union where soveign leaders provide dole to residents living in regional alliance.

The baton of sovereignty has passed from national leaders meeting in national capitals to leaders meeting in summits, where they announce regional framework agreements, which waive national sovereignty, and establish working groups and edicts. These establishes regional economic government. Freedom and choice are mirages on the Neoauthoritarian desert of the real. Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Liberty party, also known as People of Freedom party, is an anachronism in the age of diktat. A totalitarian collective is forming in the Euro zone: totalitarian collectivism is the EU’s future. Ron Paul’s agenda for freedom and the Austrian economic philosophy of free enterprise, are dead on arrival in the age of diktat.

Bible prophecy foretells that soon, out of sovereign crisis, a prince of the people, Daniel 9:26, and Revelation 13:5-10, will rise to power in the EU; he will be accompanied by a European Banker, Revelation 13:11-18. Together, their word, will and way will provide a new economic, political and social order, as well as a new moneyness, that is the seigniorage of diktat, and the people will be amazed by this and place their trust in it, giving it their full allegiance, Revelation 13:3-4.

John McManus,  Business Editor of the Irish Times,  writes suggesting that Germany wll inevitably face final choice on Euro zone cure. More than ever there is a certain “all roads lead to Frankfurt” inevitability about the solution to the euro zone debt crisis. Which road we go down to get there remains to be decided, but as things stand it looks as if things will have to escalate to the point where a binary choice faces Germany: debase the ECB or see the euro zone break up as market support for Italy or Spain or France evaporates.

Please consider that freedom and choice are simply mirages on the Neoauthoritarian Desert of the Real. God is soveign, Isaiah Isaiah 4:9-14, and being omniscient, looked down the corridor of time, and planned and is orchestrating all things 2 Corinthians 5:18, to effect operation free mankind.

The Book of Daniel, specifically Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, Daniel 2:31-35, presents God’s divine appointment of kings and kingdoms to govern mankind from the sixth century BC until a sovereign world leader, breaks peace a middle east pact and establishes the abomination of desolation in Jerusalem and demands to be worshiped as God. His rule will last for three and one half years, at which time, the Lord Jesus Christ will come to rule the world from Jerusalem for a thousand years, which is known as the Millennium.

God’s message of sovereign kings to rule mankind was conveyed through the appearance of a giant statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The head of gold represents Babylon. The breast and arms of silver indicate Medio Persia. Its bronze belly and thighs symbolize Greece. Rome is the final entity that appears in two phases: its legs of iron, the ancient Roman Empire of the first century, and its feet partly of iron and partly of clay, the Revived Roman Empire which will emerge as one of ten regions of global governance, after a soon coming global financial collapse. The prophet Daniel’s ten toed kingdom, Daniel 2:41-43, is the same as the Beast regime, Revelation 13:1-4, which is literally rising from the governments located in the Mediterranean Sea. It will have seven heads, that is it will occupy in all of mankind’s seven institutions. And it will have ten horns, that is, it will govern in all ten world regions.

CNBC reports on a possible rising sovereign in Greece. Ex-ECB’s Lucas Papademos Front Runner For Greek Prime Minister. Robert Wenzel of EconomicPolicy Journal relates that according to Wikipedia, Papademos is currently a visiting professor of public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He was previously a vice president of the European Central Bank and also served as a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. He is a Trilateral Commission member.

Bible doctrine of Daniel 2:31-35 communicates that the leaders under the former regime of Neoliberalism as well as the leaders under the current regime of Neoauthoritarianism were and are sovereign. This sovereignty of God is emphasized Romans 13:1,2.

The citizens of Greece were not given an opportunity to vote and the citizens of German will not be given a choice to leave the EU and print a new New Deutsche Mark. Greeks are not Germans, yet under all may very well be one living in a Federal Union. EurActiv in article Eurozone Breakup No Longer Taboo, relates that Angela Merkel, speaking at the “Falling Walls” argued that it was time for “a breakthrough to a New Europe”, in which member states would integrate further. EurActiv quotes Merkel saying, “A community that says, regardless of what happens in the rest of the world, that it can never again change its ground rules, that community simply can’t survive.” and quotes her saying, “Because the world is changing so much, we must be prepared to answer the challenges. That will mean more Europe, not less Europe.” A diktat union for all of Europe seems to be very much in alignment with bible prophecy of  Daniel 2:31-35 which presents a ten toed kingdom of regional economic government.  There will be no Austrian economic theory fix of Europe’s sovereign crisis. A new economic, political, and social order is emerging, it is a totalitarian collective. Totalitarian collectivism is the EU’s future.  As for Libertarian, they are likely to feel estranged under Neoauthoritarianism.

Bible doctrine communicates that one is a sovereign, if one is a Child of Abraham. The patriarch of faith’s grandson Jacob, wrestled with God, and overcame, who changed his name to Israel, meaning Prince. All those of Abraham’s faith are princes of God. One is a sovereign, if one is a Believer in Christ, for one has been raised up to rule in heavenly places with Christ, Ephesians 2:6   And will soon be ruling and reigning with Christ in his Millennial Kingdom, Romans 8:17 and 1 Corinthians 9:24- 27.

Recently I wrote extensively on this, relating that the church, that is the called out ones, not national Israel inherits the promises of the Abrahamic Covenant.

Those of Christian Zionism, perceive that national Israel is running parallel with the Church. Ted Pike of National Prayer Network exposes this false doctrine writing Why Christian Zionism is a cult.

Any tenet, whether it be philosophical or religious, that lacks biblical authority, and presents individuals as sovereign, is false. Austria economics maintains that individuals are sovereign individuals; lacking biblical authority, this tenet is a priori false, and cannot be relied upon for belief.

I am a reformed Christian, and believe that God made all choices from eternity past, and that man does not have choice; this is known as the election of grace.

Election operates on the foreknowledge of God. One is saved by the choice of God. The saints, that is the sanctified ones, are elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, in sanctification of the Spirit, 1 Peter 1:1-2. God’s decision places one in Christ, 1 Cor 1:30.

Paul wrote an entire book to the Ephesians communicating that God purposed to save the elect, from before the foundation of the world, as he related in Ephesians 1:4.

God chooses the times and places in which one should live, Acts 17:26.

At the appointed time, one believes and is saved. It is as the Apostle Luke records in Acts 13:4, that all those destined for eternal life believed

Social institutions and government are of God action, and not of man’s actions as all things are of God, Ephesians, 1:9-11, and government by kingdoms is God’s ordained plan Daniel 2:41-43.

LLN writes Do you believe that God is sovereign over all things? Even over people’s souls? If so, you are a Calvinist! Calvinism is the belief that the Bible teaches God is sovereign over everything, even including over who is saved.  Calvinism gets its name from John Calvin, the sixteenth-century theologian and church reformer. This is because he is generally considered to be the first to write n an organized way about the doctrines now known Calvinism. Calvin died in 1564. About fifty years later, some followers of the theologian Jacob Arminius began to argue that Calvin had been wrong about five points of doctrine in particular. Out of the debate that followed there developed what came to be known as the five points of Calvinism. While the Calvinistic view of the Bible involves much more than these five points, they became known as a kind of shorthand for Calvinism. The five points of Calvinism are often remembered by the “TULIP” acrostic. TULIP stands for Total Depravity (also called Total Inability), Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement (also called Particular Redemption), Irresistible Grace (also called The Efficacious Call of the Spirit), and The Perseverance of the Saints (also called the Security of Believers).

Since Austrian Economics, is not based upon biblical authority, that is it accepts neither Gods sovereignty, nor his orchestration of and intervention in guiding history, it is a false and deceptive guide. Unfortunately Austrian economics presents that only individuals choose, and social institutions often are the result of human action, but not of human design.

Peter J. Boettke, professor of economics at George Mason University,and  editor of the Review of Austrian Economics, writes in Econolib. The Austrian school of economics was founded in 1871 with the publication of Carl Menger’s Principles of Economics. Since the 1930s, no economists from the University of Vienna or any other Austrian university have become leading figures in the so-called Austrian school of economics. In the 1930s and 1940s, the Austrian school moved to Britain and the United States, and scholars associated with this approach to economic science were located primarily at the London School of Economics (1931–1950). In this article, The Science of Economics, I concentrate on the main propositions about economics that so-called Austrians believe.

Proposition 1, only Individuals choose. Man, with his purposes and plans, is the beginning of all economic analysis. Only individuals make choices; collective entities do not choose. The primary task of economic analysis is to make economic phenomena intelligible by basing it on individual purposes and plans; the secondary task of economic analysis is to trace out the Unintended Consequences of individual choices.

Proposition 10: Social institutions often are the result of human action, but not of human design. Many of the most important institutions and practices are not the result of direct design but are the by-product of actions taken to achieve other goals. A student in the Midwest in January trying to get to class quickly while avoiding the cold may cut across the quad rather than walk the long way around. Cutting across the quad in the snow leaves footprints; as other students follow these, they make the path bigger. Although their goal is merely to get to class quickly and avoid the cold weather, in the process they create a path in the snow that actually helps students who come later to achieve this goal more easily. The “path in the snow” story is a simple example of a “product of human action, but not of human design” (Hayek 1948, p. 7).  The market economy and its price system are examples of a similar process. People do not intend to create the complex array of exchanges and price signals that constitute a market economy. Their intention is simply to improve their own lot in life, but their behavior results in the market system. Money, law, language, science, and so on are all social phenomena that can trace their origins not to human design, but rather to people striving to achieve their own betterment, and in the process producing an outcome that benefits the public.

Austrian Economists have a hero in Ron Paul, whose philosophy is fathered by Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, and Friedrich Hayek, and continued today by Lew Rockwell of the Mises Institute. As a group, those of the Austrian School of Economics envision a world with sovereign individuals and sovereign nations each with its own currency. Murry Rothbard advocated abolition of government control of society and the economy. In The Ethics of Liberty, Rothbard asserts the right of total self-ownership, as the only principle compatible with a moral code that applies to every person, a “universal ethic”, and that it is a natural law by being what is naturally best for man. In Man Economy and State, he broadly presents Austrian economic theory.


2 Responses to “Sovereignty Comes By Appointment”

  1. Kenneth Acushla Says:

    Church Replacement Theology is a complete lie that the Church has replaced Israel. Back in the past they claimed that Israel would never be a state again. They were shocked when it took place. Then they claimed that the Arabs would drive the Jews into the sea. They were wrong again. It is like the LIE that the Arabs are the Palestinians. The Jews are the Palestinians. Yahweh’s Promises still holds true for His Chosen People. Those who bless Israel Yahweh will Bless. Those who curse Israel Yahweh will Curse. This is what is happening to all the peoples and nations who speak lies about the Jews. Read what Paul has written about the Jews how Yahweh still loves HIS Chosen People. People who are anti Israel show no discernment re the Scriptures.

  2. theyenguy Says:

    I agree with you, Those who bless Israel Yahweh will Bless. Those who curse Israel Yahweh will Curse. I ask who is the Israel that God is blessing? I believe that it is the Spriritual Israel and not the National Israel. Furthermore, all blessings, come from being in Christ. And I being in Him, have all the blessings. And I conclude that like Jacob, I am the Israel of God, that is I am His prince.

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