When European Socialism And The European Banks Fail, Will The European Leaders Turn To Someone Who Has The Ideas And Leadership To Make The Economy Work Again?

When European Socialism And The European Banks Fail, Will The European Leaders Turn To Someone Who Has The Ideas And Leadership To Make The Economy Work Again?

Frank RajChrist writes As the author of a 1970 bestseller the Late Great Planet Earth, Hal Lindsey compared end-time prophecies in the Bible with world events in an attempt to predict the Second Coming of Christ based on key passages in Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation, centering around the creation of Israel in 1948. He predicted America’s demise as a major player in geopolitics before the tribulations of the end times arrived. from prophetic texts in the book of Revelation, he deduced that the European Economic Community, which preceded the European Union, was destined to model a revived version of a “Revived Roman Empire”. With several members in dire financial straits the European Union is virtually teetering on the brink of collapse and in the current desperate situation, it is not too far fetched to consider that world leaders could turn to someone who has the ideas and the leadership to make it work. Lindsey points out that Eqypt, Tunisia, Libya, etc., nations that span northern Africa and extend down the Arabian peninsula could form the entity that the prophets called the “King of the South” referring to one of the four spheres of power that will be involved in the war of Armageddon with Israel. How feasible is it for Russia, China, and Iran to band together? Frank Raj is based in India and the Middle East where he has lived for over three decades. He is the founding editor & publisher of ‘the International Indian’ (theinternationalindian.com) the oldest magazine of Gulf-Indian society and history since 1992. Frank is listed in Arabian Business magazine’s 100 most influential Indians in the Gulf and is co-author of the upcoming publication ‘Universal Book of the Scriptures,’ and author of ‘Desh Aur Diaspora.’

Rob Robinson writes of the Final Kingdom of this world. It is absolutely amazing when you consider that the Book of Daniel was written almost 700 years before Jesus birth in Bethlehem, and at least 2,700 years before the arrival of the antichrist. Yet, the book of Daniel is so detailed and specific to events of world history that have already occurred, reading the text of this prophetic view of history feels as if you are reading the morning headlines in a national newspaper, as you contemplate the accuracy in which Daniel writes so far in advance of the events actual occurrence. Daniel and John lived centuries apart, yet their accounts of the final kingdoms of this world are virtually identical. This is further proof that the author of Daniel and Revelation is the same, the Holy Spirit, who gave this advanced information to both writers. As Nebuchadnezzar has now died, Daniel chapter 7 reveals some of the most detailed prophecies in the entire old testament. Chapter 7 is a collection of “visions” given by God to Daniel. Chapters 2 and 7 of Daniel are very similar to each other. In chapter 2, Daniel sees the kingdoms of the world as being a giant statue; A Head of Gold, Chest and Arms of Silver, Belly and Thighs of Bronze, Feet a mixture of Clay and Iron. In Chapter 7, we see these same kingdoms of the world, but from the perspective of God in eternity, and how they are seen by Him as great ferocious wild beasts: A Lion, A Bear, A Leopard, A Dreadful and Terrible and Exceedingly strong Beast.

When I was a teenager, I would watch televangelist Garner Ted Armstrong, of The World Tomorrow, teach in polemic style of a soon coming United States of Europe. Now, Wilfred J. Hahn asks in Bible Prophecy Blog, Are the Armstrongites Right?

Of late, some offshoots of the British Israelite persuasion, also called Armstrongites, have been proudly proclaiming that they “told you so” in respect of recent gyrations in Europe. If so, what have they been saying? They see recent financial and economic tremors in Europe as the final staging to the emergence of the Holy Roman Empire in which Germany plays a ruling role. The economic rise of Germany in recent years along with the advent of financial melt-downs in some of the periphery European countries, is proof-positive to them that their prophecies are correct.

Particularly, the Philadelphian Church of God (PCOG), which publishes the Trumpet, feels much emboldened in its perspectives. As such, we address here some of their statements in regards to Europe, Germany, the Holy Roman Empire and end-time prophecy. To begin, the Philadelphians have an unfounded fixation with Germany. Just as the House of Israel supposedly migrated to America and became the European nations of Britain, France and others, apparently so also did the Assyrians. The Armstrongites claim that they migrated to the environs of modern-day Germany. This apparently happened after the fall of Assyria to the Babylonians. As Assyrians were a war-loving, cruel people, the PCOG is sure that Germany will be the country that will rule brutally over a new Europe, this taking the form of a group of 10 kings. Recent events in Europe, of course, only add fuel to the PCOG’s conviction (and boasting, we may add).

Indeed, Germany which has the largest economy of all the 17 eurozone countries, is in a position of large influence. To the PCOG, this all is a prelude to a Fourth Reich (a revived Holy Roman Empire), a state of organization where Germany will rule over Europe.

When older, I would listen to bombastic radio evangelist David J Smith.  I am glad that I did not followed him to his place of safety in heat stricken Texas.  Watchman Fellowship relates Church of God Evangelistic Association, David J. Smith, Richardson, TX: Armstrongism splinter group. Denies Trinity, personality of the Holy Spirit, and the bodily resurrection. Teaches Annihilationism, salvation by law-keeping, Sabbatarianism, and that man can become a member of “the God family” (Godhead). Publishes Newswatch Magazine and Newswatch radio and television programs.

Now, I like listening to Blues Music such as John The Revelator and have been viewing Hal Lindsey’s videos.

I believe that December 9, 2011, marked a new era in human political governance. Regional global governance has commenced as foretold in bible prophecy of Daniel 2 and Revelation 13.

As Die Zeit, noted the EU Leaders meeting constituted a “European day of destiny.” which would establish nothing less than “the future of Europe.’

A New Europe is emerging, it is based on the Leaders’ intergovernmental fiscal compact. The fiscal compact is an agreement that exists outside the existing EU treaty law; it creates a Eurozone fiscal union. The fiscal compact preserves the Euro, and establishes regional political and economic governance of the EU, along the policy lines suggested by Herman van Rompuy who spoke in press conference presenting a Extract On Intergovernmental Agreement and Informal Dinner Of Heads Of State Or Government and Extract On Intergovernmental Agreement with photo from Colonel Flick. Here is the statement by the Euro Area Heads of State.

The New Europe is emerging along a German France axis. Ian Tranor of the Telegraph reports As The Dust Settles A Cold New Europe With Germany In Charge Will Emerge. After the EU summit, the prospect is of a joyless union of penalties, punishments, disciplines and seething resentments.

The EU fiscal compact is the new means of providing seigniorage, that is moneyness, for the Euro currency. Asha Bangalore,Vice President and Economist at The Northern Trust Company, Chicago, in Market Oracle writes The most interesting part of the summit’s press release is the following: “Euro area and other Member States will consider, and confirm within 10 days, the provision of additional resources for the IMF of up to EUR 200 billion (USD 270 billion), in the form of bilateral loans, to ensure that the IMF has adequate resources to deal with the crisis. We are looking forward to parallel contributions from the international community.” http://tinyurl.com/85ecbvv And Full Text Of Leaders Statement is available courtesy of Hatfield Girl http://tinyurl.com/7q5q9qd It seems to me that the IMF sees a strong need coming quite quickly.

Because the fiscal compact requires a commitment within 10 days to send $200 Billion to the IMF, the EU leaders are passing the baton of sovereignty to a EU ECB and IMF Troika for political and economic governance of the Eurozone. The EU leaders are commencing a Eurozone wide coup d etat, Revelation 6:1-2.

The EU leaders have commenced regional global governance. The $200 Billion commitment is one that will not be met as first, it is unlikely that countries have the funds on hand to remit payment; and second, it is unreasonable that a legally binding commitment can be obtained within 10 days; and third, it is unlikely that the committed amounts can ever be obtained by taxes, as Mike Mish Shedlock relates in Poland Needs To Spend 30% Of Total Budget On IMF Bailouts To EU as Result of Merkozy Summit. Diogenes-of-sinope comments on the article relates Relax, Poland. You’re not even scheduled to come aboard until 2015. By then, the euro’s replacement will be in circulation, called the neuro. A former Dutch politician is calling for it on behalf of Germany and the northern european states, hence the “neuro” name. It actually is not supposed to connotate “neurosis” of any sort, but merely the “n” added on, to stand for northern.

The leaders have heard and heeded the 1974 Clarion Call of the Club of Rome for regional global governance as a means of providing security and stability out of the chaos that comes from deleveraging and derisking from the Milton Friedman Free To Choose floating currency regime, known as the Banker Regime of Neoliberalism.

The Beast Regime of Neoauthoritarianism is rising out of technocratic government in Mediterranean Sea countries of Italy and Greece, and the EU Leaders’ fiscal compact. It has seven heads symbolic of occupation in the mankind’s seven institutions and ten horns, symbolic of its rule in the world’s ten regions, Revelation 13:1-4.

Robert Stevens of WSWS reports of the severity of this new governance relating Greek Government Imposes New Austerity Budget.

The seigniorage of fiat money is diminishing, and the seigniorage of diktat is rising, as Leaders meet in summits and announce framework agreements, that for now waive national sovereignty and will one day establish sovereign authority in regional councils.

Other regional schemes for providing regional security and stability will emerge. Eventually, all of the world’s ten regions will be governed by regional compacts, and thus establish the ten toed kingdom of regional global governance. A Latin America region of global governance is forming, as Timur Zolotoev writes in Global Research 33 Latin American Countries To Form A New Bloc. U.S. And Canada Not Invited. The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, CELAC, pointedly excludes the US, Canada and Britain, as it forms a economic and political union.

The decision by the eurozone countries to go outside the treaty framework of the EU, and to set up core governance of a fiscal union in a multilateral Leaders compact does nothing to address sovereign insolvency that is the PIGS insolvency, and banking insolvency issues.

Eurogeddon is now held in abeyance, but it cannot be avoided, as the banks are facing a financing freeze. Between The Hedges reports European credit gauges are performing very poorly given that the European debt crisis can-kicking solution is supposedly at hand. The TED spread continues to trend higher and is at the highest since June 2009. The 2Y Euro Swap Spread is near the highest since Nov. 2008. The 3M Euribor-OIS spread is the highest since February 2009. The 3M EUR/USD Cross Currency Basis Swap is falling -7.73% to -125.50 bps. The Libor-OIS spread is very near the widest since May 2009, which is also noteworthy considering the equity surge off the recent lows.

Open Europe relates The European Banking Authority (EBA) yesterday published the final results of their assessment of their capital requirements, showing that more than 30 banks spread across twelve EU member states have a total capital shortfall of almost €115bn. According to the results, Spanish and Italian banks have the biggest funding needs, €26.2bn and €15.4bn respectively. German banks will need to find €13.1bn, although the findings have been criticised as “Inconsistent”, by Heinrich Haasis, the chief representative of Germany’s savings and state banks. The EBA said that banks have until next June to raise the new capital. Separately, Expansión reports that Moody’s has downgraded the rating of BNP Paribas, Société Générale and Crédit Agricole, France’s three main listed banks. The capital funding shortfall will only increase now that finally the rating agencies are coming through with downgrades.

Insolvent banks and insolvent sovereigns do not provide stable economic and political governance. Sovereign armageddon, that is a political, credit and world investment breakdown, is coming soon, Revelation 13:3-4.

Charles Hugh Smith writes in Zero Hedge When Things Fall Apart: Disorientation, Desperation, Chaos

Yet, fate will bring forth a resolution of the crisis and an even deeper eurozone integration. A credible sovereign stands in the wings. He and his banking partner will come to rule a united Europe through yet another and even more powerful stability compact than the signed December 9, 2011; and this superior fiscal compact will be never, ever, be voted on.

At the appointed time, not any human action, but rather, fate will open the curtains, and onto the Europe’s stage will step the Europe’s New Charlemagne, Revelation 13:5-10, and his Banking Partner, Revelation 13:11-18. These sovereigns will develop the Eurzone into a type of authoritarian revived Roman Empire. These sovereigns, and their committee will be Europe’s financial supervisor, and will oversee the seigniorage of diktat. Their word, will and way of will provide a new moneyness, and the people will be amazed and follow after it, placing their confidence and trust in it, giving it their full allegiance, Revelation 13:3-4.

A ten toed kingdom of regional global governance is rising to displace the two iron legs of world power, the UK and the US, which have governed the world for the last 150 years, Daniel 2:31-33. The Sovereign and the Seignior will be in charge in the Eurozone; their rule will be the premier example of regional diktat, as nine other kings rise to rule in each of the toes of the global governance kingdom, Revelation 17:12.

Libertarianism has many advocates; but Freedom, and Free Enterprise are mirages on the Neoauthoritarian Desert of the Real.

Libertarian Lew Rockwell says The EU And The Euro Were A Mistake. And Austrian economists who follow the thinking of Hayek, Rothbard and Mises, suggests that Germany should go its separate way. But destiny is working to bring Germany forth as a powerful overlord in the Merkel, Sarkozy, and van Rompuy future, as Robert Wenzel writes, On Its Way: The United Europe of Germany, where Merkelism, the bold strategy of Angela Merkel to establish a New Europe as a stability union, that is a fiscal union, governs, as Nordic leaders rule over their fiscally profligate Latin peers for the security and stability needs of Europe. The strategy is reflected in the Reuters report EU Leaders Agree On Fiscal Pact, ECB Douses Hopes, which quotes the French and German leaders saying, “We need more binding and more ambitious rules and commitments for the euro area member states,” Sarkozy and Merkel wrote in a letter to European Council President Van Rompuy, who has made his own proposals for tackling the crisis. Merkelism has had a significant investment effect as Mike Mish Shedlock relates Monetary Flight: European CEOs Move Cash To Germany Needless to say Merkelism is a prime driver in developing the global governance of the Eurozone.

The triumvirate of Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Herman van Rompuy are rising in power to displace the power of the UK and the US. Said another way, the power of NATO will be channeled through Europe’s New Charlemagne, and his revived Roman empire. The EU will become the new world superpower.

I wrote recently that sovereignty comes by appointment; and the only choice that matters is the one that fate has already made. Destiny has given sovereign authority to the Clarion Call of the Club of Rome, and leaders, such as Angela Merkel, Nicholas Sarkozy and Herman van Rompuy, who are working through its authoritarian mandate to establish fiscal rules which bind the EU together as one. Totalitarian collectivism is the EU’s future as God is effecting His Sovereign Will, Ephesians 1:1-11, to wipe out all democratic government and all existing forms of economic life, so that the sovereignty of His Son and his rule will become known, Revelation 2:26-27.

David R Reagan writes that sovereignty will be sacrificed as a Federal Europe is formed. “German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer repeated his call for a European government in July, 2000, and said the European single currency, the Euro, was “the first step to a federation.” He added that he wanted a “powerful president.”1 Fischer said his aim was “nothing less than a European parliament and a European government, which really do exercise legal and executive power,” to operate under his powerful president. More sinisterly, he welcomed the progress made in removing the “sovereign rights” of nations which he defined as control of currency and control of internal and external security. In summary, Fischer said, “Political union is the challenge for this generation.”2 … (1 and 2 Ibid, “German Foreign Minister floats idea of elected EU president,” The Financial Times, July 7, 2000. in reference to a speech by Mr. Fischer to the European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee.

Recently stock values of industrial electrical equipment manufacturers, automobile part and automobile manufacturers, business service companies, mining companies, education companies, credit companies, industrial companies, apparel retailers, small tool manufacturers, railroad and trucking companies, real estate companies, wood and paper companies, automobile retailers, small cap stocks, metal manufacturers, computer networking companies, rose in the third quarter on rising profits. But from all news reports, there is a parabolic turn lower in projected corporate earnings growth. This suggests that these will be rapidly falling in value.

Doug Noland writes in Q3 2011 “Flow of Funds”, The bottom line remains that the U.S economy continues to tread water, staying afloat by a historic expansion of federal debt. I have maintained that the explosion of federal debt was a Bubble, and that our fiscal train wreck would not be avoided through a resumption of private-sector debt growth. The U.S. Household sector does not want to add debt, and the corporate sector does not need to. I have as well noted the disturbing parallels between the eruption of subprime and the Greek debt crisis. From my perspective, at this point it is only a matter of time before the markets begin to impose discipline upon Washington.

Credit metrics such as the TED spread, the 2Y Euro Swap Spread, the 3M Euribor-OIS spread, the 3M EUR/USD Cross-Currency Basis Swap, and the Libor-OIS spread as reported by Gary of Between the Hedges, reflect that the European banks are experiencing a funding freeze and are insolvent. The periphery European nations have lost their debt sovereignty as their interest rates have soared beyond 6% and are thus insolvent sovereigns. Sovereign armageddon, a credit bust and global financial system collapse is imminent. The EU leaders in the signing the Eurozone fiscal compact have started down the road to regional global governance. For now, countries will each write into their national constitutions or laws binding rules that commit them to fiscal controls and austerity. If you want to be in the club you have to play be the rules. If you don’t agree, you cannot be part of the eurozone and get access to the central bank and larger agreements on aid. Totalitarian collectivism is Europe’s future.

The pace on the road to serfdom is quickening from the Emily Fox of the UK Express report on September 24, 2011, EU Chief Says The Time Has Come For A Federal Europe A huge European superstate is the only solution to the economic crisis engulfing the continent, the President of the European Commission declared before Parliament. Jose Manuel Barroso claimed the fate of the euro and European Union were intertwined and that the only answer to the growing threat of collapse was a massive Federal Europe: “We are confronted with the most serious challenge of a generation. What we need now is a new, unifying impulse, a new federalist moment, let’s not be afraid to use the word.” And he added, “The right way to stop the negative cycle and strengthen the euro is to deepen integration, mainly in the euro area. This is the way to go.” He claimed the crisis was “a fight”. “This is a fight for the jobs and prosperity of families in all our member states. “This is a fight for the economic and political future of Europe. This is a fight for what Europe represents in the world. This is a fight for European integration itself,” he said.

The seigniorage of fiat money is ending, and the seigniorage of diktat is commencing, as reflected by the emergence of a fiscal union and technocratic government in Italy and Greece. Soon coming Eurozone default will be the nail in the coffin for the banker driven Milton Friedman Free To Choose floating currency regime. It is being replaced by the politician driven Beast regime of regional global governance, as called for by the Club Of Rome in 1974.

An inquiring mind asks, besides, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Herman van Rompuy, who has been working for a Federal Europe? Investigative writers concerned about globalism, and European federalism, document the origins of the Beast regime of regional global governance presented in bible prophecy of Revelation 13:1-4 as well as Daniel 2:31-33.

Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal wrote on November 16, 2011, that policy makers, such as Timothy Geithner have a global vision that is superior to constitutional and treaty law in article An Insight Onto Tim Geithner’s Respect For Law And Constitution. At yesterday’s WSJ CEO Council participants got to see what Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner really thinks about constitutions and the law. While being questioned by Rupert Murdoch’s top lieutenant, Robert Thomson, the topic of the Eurozone crisis came up and the need, in Geithner’s view, that the European Central Bank should step in and buy Eurozone bonds whenever required. The problem with this is that it is against the ECB constitution that was approved by the EZ members when the ECB was formed. So does Geithner see a problem with this constitutional limitation? Not really. He said, in a somewhat irritated fashion, that “there are ways to get around these things”. So much for constitutions. Then he added. “It’s not rocket science [to get around these things]“. And there you have Geithner’s view on laws, agreements and constitutions. There are ways to get around them.

And Andrew Gavin Marshall writing in the February 02, 2011 Global Research article The Political Economy of Global Government sheds some light on those who have been pushing for the development of the Beast regime of Neoauthoritarianism and Statism in Europe. “America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state. One memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA. Washington’s main tool for shaping the European agenda was the American Committee for a United Europe, created in 1948. The chairman was Donovan, ostensibly a private lawyer by then. The vice-chairman was Allen Dulles, the CIA director in the Fifties. The board included Walter Bedell Smith, the CIA’s first director, and a roster of ex-OSS figures and officials who moved in and out of the CIA. The documents show that ACUE financed the European Movement, the most important federalist organisation in the post war years. The leaders of the European Movement , Retinger, the visionary Robert Schuman and the former Belgian prime minister Paul-Henri Spaak – were all treated as hired hands by their American sponsors. The US role was handled as a covert operation. ACUE’s funding came from the Ford and Rockefeller foundations as well as business groups with close ties to the US government.[26] The European Coal and Steel Community was formed in 1951, and signed by France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Newly released documents from the 1955 Bilderberg meeting show that a main topic of discussion was “European Unity”. The discussion affirmed complete support for the idea of integration and unification from the representatives of all the six nations of the Coal and Steel Community present at the conference. A European speaker expressed concern about the need to achieve a common currency, and indicated that in his view this necessarily implied the creation of a central political authority.[(27]”

The failure of the seigniorage of fiat money means a soon end to profitable natural resource investing. A world wide credit bust is going to send basic material stocks, IYM, XLB, such as VALE, BHP, CLF, AA, SCCO, POT, CF, RIO, BVN, SQM, ACH, MXI, MCP, GFI, BTU, and energy production stocks, XOP, PSCE, WCAT, ENY, significantly lower. This is especially the case because many companies will be nationalized and then regionalized just like banks, as stockholder committees are appointed to manage and provide credit to companies strategic to a region’s security and stability.


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