God Is Effecting Coup D Etats Globally To Reveal The Sovereignty Of His Son

The statue of the progression of human governments, Daniel 2:31-44, reveals that God has purposed for the destruction of fiat currencies and constitutional governments to establish an eternal kingdom which will be ruled by His Son, Revelation 2:26-27. God is now in the process of wiping out all democratic government and all existing forms of economic life, so that the sovereignty of His Son and his rule will become known.

The Lord is opening First Seal of the Apocalypse, Revelation 6:1-2, and He is effecting coup d etats globally. In the Euro zone, he is bringing forth the EU ECB IMF Troika, and establishing its fiscal rule over Greece, as it has lost its debt sovereignty, and now as to look to the sovereign authority of the Troika for fiscal aid.  Mike Mish Shedlock relates Obama signs legislation killing the bill of rights, road to tyranny.  Larry Wilkerson says National Defense Authorization Act that passed the Senate giving the military power for indefinite detention without trial is a draconian violation of our rights.  Ron Paul says defense bill establishes martial law In America  

Yes, look! A white horse. The one riding it has a bow with no arrows affixed to it. A crown is given to him. He goes forth conquering so he might finish his conquest. We can identify several elements in this First Seal: a crowned king, with a bow, having no arrows affixed to it, riding a white horse, having conquered.

This first horseman of the apocalypse is passing the baton of sovereignty from nation states to the the EU ECB IMF Troika. With the provision of seigniorage aid to Greece, the appointment of technocratic government in Greece and Italy, and with Mario Draghi providing the Long Term Refinancing Operation, LTRO, that is the ECB’s funding facility, whereby the ECB takes in distressed securities and loans out money for three years, at the average of the ECB’s benchmark rate, currently 1%, over the period of the loan, the seigniorage of fiat money, that is the moneyness of fiat money, is failing, and the seigniorage of diktat is increasing. And the first horseman of the apocalypse is passing the baton of sovereignty in the US from constitutional rule to a president who can rule universally without restraint.

Other horsemen will follow in the first horseman’s steps to assure that regional global governance rules over all of mankind, red symbolizing violence and war, black symbolizing starvation and misery, and pale symbolizing depression, devolution and death.

The Sovereign Lord God, Psalms 2:4-5, is operating through the first horseman of the apocalypse to bring forth a New Europe, where the Sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10, and his banking partner, the Seignior, Revelation 13:11-18, will rule over a federal Europe, with fiscal rule and fiscal sovereignty coming through a fiscal union, and the ECB or the Bundesbank, empowered a federal bank. In our increasingly credit devalued and currency depreciated world, only diktat can provide order and security. People will be amazed by this, they will marvel, and place their trust in diktat; they will give their full allegiance to it, Revelation 13:3-4.

The ten toes of regional global governance presented in Daniel 2:31-33, being mired in the iron of diktat and clay of democracy, will eventually crumble, and the Sovereign and the Seignior will eventually rise to rule the world, and install a one world government, Daniel 7:7, a one world currency, and provide global seigniorage, Revelation 13:17-18.

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