Are Nations Going To Leave The Eurozone, Or Is Fate Operating To Provide A Federal Europe

Nigel Farage predicted at the beginning of the year, “2012 will be the year of reckoning for the European Project”. Some today, are calling for nations to leave the Eurozone, they generally believe Keynesian and government-centric policies are treacherous and should be stopped for the good of society; but bible prophecy portends that the world central bank policies will not be stopped.

God’s word consistently, both in the Old Testament, Daniel 2:31-44, and in the New Testament, Revelation 13:1-4, and Revelation 17:12-14, reveals that sovereign nation states will fall to regional global governance.

On April 30, 2010, as Herman van Rompuy called European Leaders together for the first European sovereign debt crisis summit, Church of God News wrote The Europeans are starting to look for stronger leadership, Where might all this lead? (The article provides a helpful time line, as points one and two of future events, have so far fallen right in line with ongoing developments, as TradeSignalOnline reports France Plans To Raise Sales Tax, Following Germany’s Lead

  1. Herman van Rompuy will likely take a more public role.
  2. Taxes will be raised and some government spending cut/changed in Europe to deal with a  lot of issues (Daniel 11:20).
  3. There ultimately will be civil unrest (and likely worse) in Europe.
  4. The Euro will likely be faced with at least one more crisis.
  5. There will be calls for a “strong man” type leader for Europe, who will rise up (Daniel 11:21-30) (and become militaristic per Daniel 11:31-44).
  6. The structure of the European Union will change (Revelation 17:12-13).
  7. The Beast power will ultimately rise (Revelation 13).  And there will persecution (Daniel 11:29-35; 7:25).

One is called to reflect and observe (Mark 13:9, 33-37); and to watch and pray always, Luke 21:36.


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